Educate your visitorsFantastic website copy requires a skill to produce. It is also the heart and soul of heavily traveled child care sites. Great copy not only presents a call to action, but also evokes emotion, tells compelling stories and excites visitors about a product or service. Even if the service is simply offering answers and providing quality information, well written website copy is essential on your child care website. This in turn establishes credibility, informs, convinces, inspires action and identifies with the customer. 

Establishes Credibility

Terrific website copy speaks “with” customers not “to” them. Doing so builds instant credibility. Child care websites in particular have a unique opportunity to pull the reader in, evoke emotion and build trust and loyalty. Visitors believe what you have to say if your website copy is great and not overly pushy, filled with fluff or stuffed with keywords.


On a child care site, effective website copy persuades the reader.  The purpose is to convince the public about the usefulness of a product or service. Great website copy does this and more without the reader feeling pushed to buy something. Internet users are savvy; they know the difference between an informative site with great website copy and a site dedicated only to the sale. After all, great website copy is the ultimate persuader.
Visitors are looking to you for answers. You are the authority or “expert” on the topic of child care.  They need to know that they can learn from your website. You educate them on a product or service and explain why it is the best. Truly great website copy explains to the reader why they should or should not do a certain thing.

Great website copy speaks to the customer by identifying with them. Visitors are at your child care site because they are interested in child care topics, products or services. Build copy that reflects your targeted audience and get repeat visitors. Additionally, this common language is the perfect way to present a call for action. In this regard, trust builds and visitors are confident that they are getting great information.