Social Media Buttons in an email inform your readers that you can be found at different locations online, and places that are often more Social than just your website alone. Facebook is known for being a social platform because it encourages users to share their thoughts and what they are doing.


LinkedIn and Twitter are a great way to give your readers a sneak peak or Snippet of what your business is doing while keeping it on a semi personal level.  While YouTube expands the readers possibilities for seeing what you think or feel about a specific topic using videos.


All of the Social Networks help to enhance your overall web presence and SEO Rankings due to the creation of a URL linking to your content, and the use of Meta Tags helping the search engines find you.


By adding this to your signature and not just in the content itself, helps to ensure that it is actually seen. Email signatures are just as important to an email as the header and content. The signature is a professional way to remind the reader who they are dealing with, what level of the Profession you are, and how else to get in touch with you.


How to add Social Media Buttons to your email in Outlook:


Example signature with Social Media Buttons added
Your Name, Position in Company
Company Name
Company Address
Phone Number | Fax Number | Email Address
Find Us also at
Facebook Local Web Traffic Solutions Twitter Local Web Traffic SolutionsYouTube Local Web Traffic SolutionsLinkedIn Local Web Traffic Solutions

If you notice the Social Media Buttons stand out and catch the reader’s attention. This is called a “Call-to-Action” marketing technique, which encourages users to click the links and read more.