As the United States has shifted to a service-based economy, marketing has been transformed. Instead of using celebrity endorsements to sell a particular good, companies now have to think bigger and sell ideas, but creatively. Businesses that offer highly specialized services have a harder time selling their brand to the average consumer.


That’s where the Internet can become the main marketing tool of a small operation.


Running a child care center works in much the same way. You need to bring in new customers and build loyalty among your existing clients, and the best way to do both is to embrace what the web offers. Here are 5 quick child care center marketing strategies to help you grow your business.

1. Building Your Brand

Before you decide how you’ll deliver your message, you first have to decide what you want to say. What does your daycare service offer that others in the area don’t? What kinds of skills can kids be expected to learn? Answer these questions with one of the most highly informative, engaging child care websites on the web, and you’ll be on the road to expansion. On top of a good message, you should always invest in.


2. Strong & Effective Web Design

Look, you might have a great business and a caring staff who really encourage kids to grow outside their comfort zones. But if your child care website design is lackluster, no parent is going to want to take a chance. Web users want to be wowed and catered to, and they need a little guidance when it comes to decision-making. Make your site entertaining but not confusing, clear-cut but not ordinary. That’s one of the best child care center marketing strategies you can employ.


3. Local Search Engine Marketing

Often called SEO for short, search engine optimization is what helps users discover your website when they type a particular set of keywords into a search engine. In order to increase your visibility, it helps to hire a team of professional SEO content creators that can bring your link to the top of the pile. After all, child care is a highly localized service, and you want your company’s page to be seen first by folks in your area. SEO can help.


4. Social Media Engagement

In today’s online marketing landscape, it’s almost become a prerequisite to be an active social media user. Customers like to feel engaged, so engage them. Answer their feedback. Let them know their opinions are being heard. It doesn’t help to create a Twitter account and tweet only once a month. One of the most powerful child care center marketing strategies is to become a presence on the web.


5. Email Marketing

Nothing drives people madder than being asked to subscribe to the newsletter of every single store they enter, but luckily, you’re not in the retail industry. Sending out e-blasts regularly can help your existing clients know exactly what’s going on at your facility, in addition to any new features or activities you’re adding for the children. Plus, emails can be easily forwarded, meaning you could be landing new customers with every update you send.