If you are interested in starting a preschool, you may not be sure where to start. While the desire to start a preschool is a great way to start, it will only get you so far. There are some other things you need to do before you even consider starting a preschool.

Have a sense of purpose

The first thing you should know is why you are interested in starting a preschool. It must be clear to you because there will be difficult days ahead and you are going to have to remember why you are doing this. The better you understand your own reasons for starting a preschool, the better you will be able to inspire others to feel as strongly about your cause as you do. 

Create a business plan

You need a business plan to be successful. It helps to clearly identify the details of your preschool. It also ensures that you take everything into consideration. There are things you are going to miss if you do not have a business plan. You need to consider the location, the size, supply and demand, marketing, financing, and so much more. There are resources available from the Small Business Administration to help you formalize a business plan. 

Find capital to start

Next, you need to consider money. This is a subject most people do not like to talk about because it makes them uncomfortable. While this is a school for children, it is also a business that needs funding. Your business plan can help you begin determining how much money you might need. You should also consider if you want to buy or lease your building. This is where you may want to consider getting a franchise. Because of decisions about operations, marketing, and design, franchises do require more up front money. 

Build a team

Now, who do you want to work with you? Surrounding yourself with a good team of people is key to succeeding. You need a team of people that you probably have not even considered. You will most likely need a financial expert, a child care business broker, and a real estate broker. In addition to those external people, you need an internal team of people. You need a director to run your preschool. If that is not going to be you, you will need to hire one. You need teachers and someone to handle the finances. You cannot be all of those people. 

Find a suitable location

You need to decide on your location and what you want it to look like. In your vision, you may have an idea of what you want for your preschool. Can you find a building to meet those needs? Do you have to build one? Do you want to lease or buy the building? Another item to consider is if your vision meets a need or demand. You may have the best idea for starting a preschool but there may not be a need for another preschool in your local area. Maybe you need to look at another town or city. You can build the best school, but if you don’t have students to walk in the door, it will be all for naught. 

Find the right license

Once you decide where you are going to put your preschool, you need to determine what type of license you need. This is key. You will not be able to open your doors if you do not have proper licensing. Make sure you understand the requirements in the state for licensing and start the process early. You do not want that to prevent you from opening. 

Get good equipment

Equipment is an important consideration. Make sure you have the proper furniture, toys, etc, for the ages of children you want in your school. If you plan to serve food, make sure you have a space for food preparation. Each state has requirements about ratios and square footage based on the age of the children, so be sure you understand the requirements and meet them. 

Make use of management software

You must have a management software package. This helps your staff manage the day-to-day operations. It can help with attendance, payroll, scheduling, and tuition, just to name a few things. You do not want to do these things manually, nor do you want to overlook anything. Most importantly, this type of software allows for tracking all the children in real-time.

Starting a preschool is no easy task, but it can be done! Local Child Care Marketing is your best bet to making sure you increase enrollments at your preschool. Work with us to find marketing strategies that work for you.