What Parents Want to See: Three Tips for Child Care WebsitesDid you know that about 25% of children ages five and younger are in a daycare type of arrangement? And for parents who use child care, 84% surveyed by Parents said that they had difficulty finding quality, affordable daycare.

There is a big market for responsible daycare providers right now, and your daycare could be the business and educational success you want it to be. However, a big part of marketing your daycare is improving your online visibility. Studies show that 20% of Google searches are for local businesses – search engines are becoming the new phone book.


In other words, if you fail to be visible online, you might fail at being visible altogether. There is hope, though, because your website and overall marketing campaign can be improved by keeping just a few simple tips in mind. Here are a few effective tips on how to market your daycare to parents.


1. Daycare Doesn’t Have To Look Unprofessional

Child care marketing strategies are unique in that they often make use of bright colors, cute graphics, and fun lettering, all things that the average business would try and stay far away from. Cute, though, needs to always be paired with professional. Parents take their child’s care seriously, and a paragraph explaining how you comply with recommended child/caretaker ratios will be more appreciated than a large graphic of a sparkly teddy bear.

“Can’t spell things right on your own website? That’ll be a no for watching my kid,” says Kate, writer at Girl Meets Geek and mother of two. Have someone look over your site and make sure that the tone is professional, what you’re trying to say is clear, and your grammar is correct.


2. Child Care Website Design

Research has shown that, on average, visitors will judge your website in the first three seconds of arriving on a page. If you don’t make your website appealing, quick to load, and easy to navigate, your bounce rate will skyrocket. What do parents or guardians want to see? Information regarding your programs, rates, contact information, facilities, and nutrition should not be hidden from view, or hard to locate.


If your website is slow, now is the time to hire child care website designers to fix it; a site that takes longer than three seconds to load loses 40% of its visitors.


3. Email Marketing for Daycare Websites

Email is a great marketing tool. Give visitors to your website the option of subscribing to a free newsletter about your daycare, and plan on sending a newsletter every week, or every other week, with updates about what you offer, what the kids are doing, any recent news, and helpful links to child care information.


Did you know that 91% of people check their email every day? Not only can it help you reach out to new customers, but it can help you stay engaged with current ones. Do you have tips on how to market your daycare to parents better? Let us know in the comments!