The world is changing as technology becomes an increasingly integral part of our daily lives. Kids these days are growing up surrounded by technology, and schools must keep up! In this blog post, we will discuss how to use the best technology for preschool classrooms to enhance learning for kids.

While introducing children to valuable technological skills they will also be able to use in the classroom and beyond.

Consider using tablets in the classroom for interactive learning

The internet offers sites dedicated to kids learning and expanding their knowledge about a wide array of topics. Of course, we recommend giving children access that is limited to only learning-specific sites and activities.  There is a plethora of technology that can be used in the classroom, and we encourage teachers to research what might work best for you and your school.

There are many sites specifically available to help teach literacy skills and math concepts through interactive play. Most kids enjoy technology because they often observe adults using computers and smart devices. They also get to use them!

Why not let children have fun while they learn? You could also look into purchasing some educational apps  (or even borrowing from friends) for kids who cannot bring their own devices from home.

Don’t have the resources to get tablets? Use an interactive whiteboard!

An interactive whiteboard is another way to make technology available to all students. These boards are used similar to that of an iPad or tablet. This enables kids to access technology that will expand their knowledge base and teach them valuable skills.

Interactive whiteboards are now widely available in schools across the country. They are increasingly becoming a staple in more and more schools.

Not only are they far more interactive than your traditional whiteboard or chalkboard, but you’ll be able to harness the full power of integrating the internet into your curriculum. This means no more big, bulky TVs to show videos, and no more messy chalkboards or whiteboards.

All you have to do is power up your board and begin teaching!

Be extra mindful of internet safety

It’s important to remember that the internet can also give us access to unsafe or inappropriate sites and information. If you don’t have the proper safeguards in place when using the best technology for preschool classrooms, you could be putting kids at serious risk.  Be sure to be careful when deciding which technological resources are appropriate for your class. Also, be extremely mindful of the content they are viewing.

Consider obtaining training from a professional on how to properly limit access to inappropriate material, including sites that enable chat features in which strangers can interact with kids.

Even though technology can offer a variety of benefits when it comes to enhancing learning, it is also important that teachers are aware of the types of content their students are viewing. Consider installing parental control apps, which can help limit which content children can view while still granting them access to necessary information and sites.

With the proper measures in place, you can rest assured that your students will use the internet safely.

Don’t limit the technology to just one tool

While tablets are great, it’s also important for kids to learn how to use a mouse and keyboard. By teaching children about the more traditional methods of accessing technology, they’ll be able to learn more transferable skills (such as typing and navigating the web.) Perhaps some of your students live with their grandparents, who may not be as up-to-speed when it comes to technology, and could use some help.

Not only are these skills useful in the classroom, but they can also be of use at home.


The internet is a great resource that can enhance children’s learning if used properly. By utilizing technology in your classroom, you will equip your students with essential skills they’ll need for success down the road, in and out of school! However, be sure not to rely too heavily on technology. We recommend utilizing technology as a source of supplemental materials, rather than replacing your more traditional teaching tools, like paper or pencils.

Be mindful regarding which sites you allow students to access and remember to limit or disable chat features. We encourage teachers to seek out training from professionals who are knowledgeable about the impact of technology in the classroom so they can make informed decisions about how to the best technology for preschool classrooms.

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