As the owner of an educational child care center, it is crucial to know how to increase enrollment at your school effectively. These days, the competition for Montessori enrollment is high, so your school must stand out from the crowd. Many factors can hinder your success, such as competition from other daycare centers, the economy, and insurance costs. It takes some creative thinking and planning to make sure your child care business thrives this coming school year. So how can you accomplish this goal to increase enrollment at your Montessori school?

Set a goal for your enrollment numbers

Increasing your Montessori enrollment numbers begins with identifying your target number. How many students do you hope to enroll for the next school year? That is your goal.When you set a specific objective, it allows you to work with something tangible. Use “SMART” when setting this goal. The “SMART” acronym means your goal should be:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Relevant
  • Time-bound


Advertise your Montessori program

One of the best ways to attract new customers is by ensuring that people are aware of your school through advertising. There are several ways by which you can advertise your Montessori program, including print media like flyers, magazines, and newspapers. You should also invest in digital marketing methods such as an effective website and social media to help you market your school to your target audience. These advertising tactics will definitely help you in getting Montessori enrollment.

Identify your target customers

Another way to help increase enrollment is by identifying who your target customers are. Remember that you want a Montessori school with a large customer base. It will attract new parents to enroll their children at your center. Identify ways in which you can attract more families from this group. Do these families have specific needs? What factors do they consider when choosing a Montessori child care center? What is most likely to motivate parents to enroll their children at your center?

Highlight what makes your Montessori school special

Another way to increase enrollment is by highlighting the unique aspects of your Montessori school. What sets your facility apart from other child care centers? Why should parents choose your school? What makes your facility unique and different from others in your area?

Many people may not be familiar with the Montessori method. Make sure to highlight the benefits associated with enrolling children in a Montessori program. Be sure to highlight these benefits on your website and use them in all of your print advertising materials.

Create a compelling website

Website design is a crucial aspect for increasing Montessori enrollment. Most parents search the internet to find the right Montessori child care center before making their final decision.

An excellent Montessori website needs to provide all of the necessary information parents need to help them choose a school for their children. Keep in mind that you want visitors to take action after reading your website (and landing page). They should be able to “learn” about your company, plus contact you directly from your site. Use easy-to-read text, large fonts, detailed descriptions, and appealing images to help convince them to choose your Montessori school.

Be active on social media

Social media sites are a powerful way to market your child care center and increase Montessori enrollment. This marketing method has become extremely popular in recent years. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, and Instagram are great resources for reaching prospective parents.

Be present on social media by creating accounts on all these platforms and sharing news about the events at your school. You can even encourage parents to follow you so they can receive updates directly! It’s also essential that you reply quickly to any messages and inquiries you receive via social media sites. If you don’t provide prompt replies, customers may feel ignored or neglected, negatively affecting potential enrollment.  

Be responsive to your customers

Is your school responsive to the needs of parents? Is customer service a priority for you? How fast do you respond when someone comes to you with an inquiry or problem about your Montessori program?

For any business, it’s vital to remain aware of your current standing. If your business is not meeting the expectations of your clients, they are less likely to refer their family and friends to you.

Increasing Montessori enrollment takes time, patience, and effort. Sometimes, it’s about going the extra mile to ensure that your school stands out from the competition.

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