If you are striving to increase enrollment at your daycare, you must do everything possible to ensure parents that your center is a safe and trustworthy place to leave their children. Parents need to feel secure in the knowledge that when they drop their infants or toddlers off at your center, their little ones will be well taken care of and supervised during their stay. In this post, we will discuss a few ways to increase enrollment at your daycare facility.

Establish a referral program


Attracting new families can be a very challenging task if you’re the only person putting in the time and effort. Why not involve other parents to help draw new families to your center? After all, they are the experts when it comes to knowing how excellent your daycare center is. 


Develop a referral program by offering families a discount if they refer other parents to your center. Satisfied families will find ways to help you bring in new children, especially if you provide them with an incentive or a cash reward.


Host community events


You can build a strong community among your families by hosting events that enable families to connect. Host events that offer opportunities to showcase children’s activities while allowing families to meet and interact. Some of those families will include new parents. It can be beneficial for them to meet other parents who can support their journey.


Remember that not all families can attend events on workdays. Therefore, try to host a few gatherings during evenings or weekends. Consider hosting potlucks, picnics, or “coffee klatches” so families get to know each other.


Provide safe and appropriate care for children


Make sure your daycare isn’t just any ordinary center. You need to provide educational services that enable youngsters to grow into well-adjusted individuals who have acquired a variety of skills along the way. In addition to enriching children’s social development, parents are also looking for daycare centers that teach children skills that get them ready for school and nurture the development of important life skills along the way.


Establish trust with parents


If you’re looking to increase enrollment at your daycare facility, you need to find ways to cultivate credibility with parents. One easy way to do this is by simply being sincere and expressing a genuine interest in what’s best for the children.


Make sure that you’re available when they need help. In addition to showing parents how much you care about their children, it will also help them understand that you are genuinely there to help them. Also, never underestimate the value of direct communication. You can accomplish this by scheduling regular meetings with parents or keeping them informed about their children’s progress at least once a month.


Create an attractive website


An aesthetically pleasing website that ranks well on Google can help boost your reputation online. Moreover, a website is an excellent way for new parents to discover you when they are searching online for daycare services.


On your website, include photos of your facilities, programs, and staff members. Establish yourself as an expert in child care by publishing articles related to parenting and early childhood education.


Offer flexible hours


If you want to increase enrollment at your daycare center, think about ways to make it appealing and convenient for parents. For example, if you offer extra early drop-off hours at 6:00 am or a later pick-up time at 6:00 pm, you may have an edge over other centers that don’t offer the same flexibility. Parents are sure to prefer enrolling at a facility that operates for longer hours if that fits their family’s scheduling needs.


Also, keep in mind that many families’ schedules can be very hectic. Take note of the best times when parents need to drop off and pick up their children so you’ll be mindful regarding the right times to expand your business hours. As always, the priority is to offer services that are safe and reliable.


Market your daycare center


Marketing is essential in order to ensure the success of your daycare center. Your marketing approach should be among your top priorities. Keep in mind that your marketing efforts need to run consistently throughout the year, regardless of whether your roster is full.


Well-known programs may already have solid reputations, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for new programs to succeed. As long as you implement your marketing strategies effectively, there will always be parents interested in what you have to offer.


In addition to maintaining your website, it’s also important to set up a business page on social media platforms. These will help you engage with parents online directly. In order to help make your daycare visible within the community, attend events where parents and children will be present.


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