Parents are busy people. They don’t always have the time to visit your childcare center in person. However, they are still very interested in how their children are doing and what is happening each day. It can be difficult for a parent to get that kind of information from only your daily emails or via social media posts.


Video marketing is an excellent way for you to connect with parents. Parents who may not be able to visit in person while their kids are in your care.


Livestreams go even one step further by giving them in-the-moment access to what’s happening! This blog post will teach you how video marketing and live streaming can help you attract more parents to your center today!

Video Marketing

Video marketing is becoming increasingly popular with the use of popular apps, such as Tik Tok, and Instagram’s “Reels” feature.  If you don’t have the budget for a professional video marketing campaign (which many centers don’t), these platforms are great options for you. If your child care center utilizes other social media platforms, it’s beneficial for you to post regular videos of what goes on at your center.


These may include various workshops that you offer, classroom time, or any other events and activities that go on at your center.

Live Streams

Video marketing is also a great way to attract parents who are interested in additional security precautions, such as live streams. Livestreams are becoming more popular with the use of social media platforms, such as Facebook Live, Instagram, and YouTube. With so many new features on these platforms, anyone can showcase their childcare center to new and prospective parents looking to enroll their children.


Here are some tips on how to utilize video marketing and live streams for your childcare center:

1. Use hashtags:

You want your video content to be seen by a wider audience, so it’s important to include relevant hashtags that will help you with your marketing efforts. The most popular hashtag for child care is “#parenting”, which has more than 100 million posts on Instagram alone. As a simple way to increase your content’s visibility, you can reach prospective parent leads that wouldn’t have otherwise come across your page.


2. Optimize your videos

First things first: optimizing videos for mobile devices is crucial. This helps you get more eyes on your video content. Statistics tell us that people are 30% more likely to watch videos on their smartphones. To take it one step further, you can optimize for Instagram and Facebook by formatting your video ratio to 4:5.


Of course, it might not be realistic to expect people to watch a video that is too lengthy. On average, people don’t spend more than two seconds watching videos on their mobile devices, so try to keep yours as engaging as possible, and to the point. We recommend keeping videos for mobile devices limited to 10-15 seconds in length.


3. Narrow down your target audience

It goes without saying that people receive videos better if the videos are marketed toward their specific interests. You can do this by targeting a specific audience through your video content, including via Facebook ads and Instagram posts.  In order to keep up with the latest trends, you can use a free tool, like Hootsuite’s Audience Insights, to see how your audience is currently engaging with videos on Facebook.


You’ll be able to narrow down by interests and target specific groups of people that are most interested in what you’re offering.


Livestreaming: Is it right for your child care center?

Livestreaming is another great way to interact with your audience. Facebook offers live video streaming, as well as the option of going “live” on other platforms like Instagram or YouTube.  When creating live streams, provide a good mix of content types. These content types could be things in which they’re interested, as well as informational material or updates from your center.


The key to success is keeping your Livestream short and engaging. Spend a few minutes every week going live on Facebook or Instagram, and give parents an update about what’s happening at your child care center. You can also take questions from viewers in chat rooms.


We recommend setting up a Q&A session for parents, as keeping communication open in real-time between you and your viewers will demonstrate transparency, and ultimately establish a line of trust between you and your audience.


In conclusion:

Video marketing may initially seem like a complicated task if you’ve never used it before. However, with the rise of new social media platforms and tools, it’s becoming more common than ever for childcare centers to use video marketing as a medium for connecting with their audience members and showcasing their value.


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