An effective onboarding process is a vital step to ensuring that your child care center runs smoothly from day one. However, sometimes it can be difficult to know how to go about designing comprehensive onboarding procedures for your center. This blog post will walk you through the process of child care staff onboarding, from start to finish, so that you have all the tools necessary for success!



Why is onboarding so important?

The best way to set new employees up for success at a business is to ensure that they have a positive and informative onboarding experience. There are several key elements that go into this process, such as making sure  new employees are comfortable performing certain tasks on their own, and knowing exactly what’s expected of them in their role. Additionally, every onboarding process should adequately prepare staff members for any potential challenges they may face. These might include communicating with an angry parent, managing classroom behavior, or any type of conflict resolution methods that your center uses to address these types of issues.


Onboarding is also incredibly important for risk assessment and increased safety measures. If new staff members are briefed on the safety precautions your center takes and the reasons behind them, they’re less likely to be at risk of compromising a child’s safety.  When employees are made aware of their job responsibilities and safety requirements, then your childcare center overall will be less at-risk.


Lastly, implementing a comprehensive onboarding process will reduce staff turnover. After all, the more competent and comfortable staff members you have at your center,  the better for everyone. When staff members know they aren’t on their own, and are not being thrown into a position without adequate training, this will ultimately contribute to higher company morale. Your employees’ confidence in their abilities is key here. The best way to get them to this point is by ensuring that they are comfortable and not feeling overwhelmed when learning their designated tasks.



What to give new staff on their first day

It’s natural for any employee to feel nervous the first day on any new job. Not knowing exactly what to expect and learning new ways of doing things at your child care center can make anyone feel overwhelmed at first. The best way to minimize this discomfort is to assign another employee to train the new hire, preferably someone who knows the ins and outs of your center like the back of their hand. This not only puts the new employee more at ease, but that person will feel more comfortable asking questions during training sessions.


You may also want to consider giving new hires an onboarding package, complete with information about your child care center, important documents, and pertinent information about their role. You can also add any materials that describe the work culture of your center so they can have an idea about the communication process at your center.



Setting goals for child care staff

The best way to set a new child care employee up for success is by setting goals that are achievable. This gives them something to work towards and will motivate them. It also gives you an idea of whether or not this person is a good fit for your center. Setting achievable goals should be done immediately after an onboarding package has been given out, so it can be included in this process.


It’s important to make sure your child care center staff members fully understand what their job entails from day one, as well as a clear outline of your expectations. By having these elements already in place when someone starts working with you, there won’t be any unexpected surprises! The more prepared your employees are on their first day, the more smoothly you can expect their transition to go.



Implementing a successful onboarding process for new employees is important so that your center can run smoothly, and to ensure that new employees feel integrated into their new role. When you ensure that you have all measures in place, including role expectations, achievable goals, assigning a designated trainer, and providing employees with information about your center, this will contribute to a successful onboarding process. Contact Local Child Care Marketing today if this sounds like something you would like help with! We provide complimentary consultations that will enable us to determine how we can best work together!