In the age of social media, it’s more important than ever to be aware of your online reputation. Not only do you have to worry about what your current and potential customers are saying about you. You also have to keep an eye on what your employees post online. And if you own a childcare center, you have an even bigger responsibility. You have to ensure that your center’s online reputation is squeaky clean. Remember that parents largely rely on the internet to research and find childcare options. A positive online reputation can help you attract new families and grow your business. 
The good news is that there are plenty of helpful tools that can make monitoring the online reputation of your childcare center a breeze. Here are eight of the best:


With Mention, you can easily track mentions of your childcare center across the web. These include the ones found on social media, news sites, blogs, and forums. You’ll get alerted whenever someone mentions your center. This will help you address any negative comments quickly. You can set up Google Alerts for your center, so you’ll be notified anytime someone posts something about your business on the web. 

Hootsuite Insights

Hootsuite Insights lets you measure and analyze your brand’s social media performance. With this tool, you can track how often your brand is mentioned online, see which topics are being talked about the most, and get insights into the Sentiment (whether people are talking about you positively or negatively). You can also use Hootsuite Insights to track competitors and see how they stack up against you regarding online mentions and social media engagement. 


ReviewPush allows you to track all online reviews for your childcare center in one place. You’ll get email alerts whenever a new review is posted so you can address any negative feedback right away. ReviewPush also makes it easy to post responses to reviews and monitor sentiment over time. 


ReputationDefender helps protect the online reputation of both individuals and businesses. Businesses offer services like monitoring social media and review sites, responding to negative reviews, and suppressing negative search results. They also offer a service specifically for childcare centers that includes 24/7 monitoring of over 60 websites as well as monthly reporting. 


BirdEye helps businesses collect reviews from around the web and post them in one place. Customers can rate their experience on a scale of 1-5 stars and leave written feedback about their experience with your business. This feedback is then aggregated into an overall rating that is displayed prominently on your profile page. Reviews posted through BirdEye are also syndicated to Google, Yelp, Facebook, and other popular review sites. 


TrustPilot works similarly to BirdEye in that it allows customers to rate their experience with your business on a scale of 1-5 stars and leave written feedback about their experience. On TrustPilot, businesses can also respond publicly or privately to customer reviews. Reviews left on TrustPilot are automatically posted to Google My Business (GMB), Yelp, and Facebook if desired. 

Grade Us

GradeUs allows businesses to collect customer reviews from multiple sources and post them in one place. It also makes it easy for businesses to respond to reviews and monitor sentiment over time. In addition, GradeUs provides detailed monthly reports showing how many reviews were collected, the average monthly rating, the total number of positive/negative/neutral sentiment ratings, top-performing locations/employees/services, and more! 


Local360 helps businesses track their reputation by monitoring over 60 directories, including Google My Business (GMB), Yelp!, CitySearch, Angie’s List, FourSquare, Bing Places for Business & Yahoo! Local Listings. You’ll get daily alerts whenever someone leaves a review or rating so you can address any negative feedback quickly. Local360 also provides monthly reporting to see how your online reputation is improving (or deteriorating) over time.
These 8 helpful tools will make monitoring the online reputation of your childcare center a breeze! With these tools at your disposal, you’ll be able to identify any negative comments or reviews about your center quickly so you can address them swiftly – protecting both your reputation AND your business in the process!
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