Starting a Montessori child care center can be an exciting and rewarding venture. However, it can be challenging to keep the momentum going once you open your doors. Staying on top of your Montessori school’s retention rate is often one of the most challenging parts of this industry.

Fortunately, there are some easy ways to boost your retention rates and keep your current students enrolled at your center for more extended periods. Here are eight tips that can help you get started.

1. Communicate with parents

It’s vital that parents can rest assured in the knowledge that their children are safe and happy in your care from the first moment they walk through your doors. Parents should never feel in the dark or worried about their children’s daily routine or whether they are receiving enough attention from their teachers. In addition to keeping parents up-to-date about what their kids are doing each day, it’s also helpful to share photos as a means of helping parents feel even more connected to the daily events in your building.

2. Keep your center clean 

Parents need to be assured that they are sending their children to a clean, well-maintained childcare center. Keeping your center in tip-top shape needs to be one of your top priorities. Parents will appreciate the effort you put into making sure their children are playing in an area free of germs and clutter. Furthermore, they’ll be more likely to recommend your center to friends and family members because of the positive first impression you have made on their visits.

3. Create a developmentally appropriate environment

Ensuring that every piece of equipment and activity is developmentally appropriate for each age group will help ensure that your students remain interested and engaged at your center. As such, consider adapting your curriculum and materials to suit a diverse array of children’s specific needs and abilities so everyone feels included.

4. Focus on excellent communication and quality service

The best way to keep your Montessori school’s retention rates high is by offering excellent service. Doing so starts with communicating clearly and efficiently with parents. Ensure that parents always feel welcome at your center, and help them feel comfortable when they visit. Furthermore, take the initiative to reach out to parents. Keep them updated, and send them occasional emails to brighten their day. These gestures go a long way when it comes to strengthening the home-school relationship.

5. Develop a solid Montessori curriculum

When new families walk into your child care center, what sets it apart from others? You should be able to distinctly identify the Montessori curriculum that shapes your teaching philosophy and guides each aspect of your approach to education and child care every day. The more hands-on activities and materials you offer, the more engaged children will be.

6. Adhere to a low teacher-to-student ratio

One of the most important ways to keep your Montessori school’s retention rates high is by focusing on your teacher-to-student ratio in the classroom. To do this, you’ll need to build a team of teachers who are on board with your center’s goals and mission, as well as those who intend to stay while continuing to cultivate their education and skills through professional development within the first few months after opening up. Parents can rest assured that their children are receiving individualized attention daily by doing so.

7. Recognize outstanding achievements 

Everyone appreciates being recognized for good work. Make it a point to let parents know when their children excel somehow. Parents will understand that you have taken the time to celebrate their children’s achievements. Celebrate all students’ successes and victories, no matter how big or small.

8. Hire qualified and well-trained staff

Lastly, take the time to hire high-quality employees. The amount of effort you put into your hiring process will be evident when new families visit your child care center for the first time.  Hold interviews, contact candidates’ references, and conduct thorough background checks to make sure you hire the best people for the job. If parents feel confident in the abilities of the individuals who will be caring for their children each day, they will be more likely to trust that they are in good hands at your school.

Taking steps that include ensuring that your Montessori program is developmentally appropriate, your staff is well-trained and qualified, and that your center is a clean and safe learning environment will all go a long way in helping parents feel assured about their choice to send their children to your school, which will positively impact your overall retention rates.

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