Childcare CentersDid you know that a survey by the National Institute of Child Health Development found that only 10% of daycare operations provided high-quality care? The majority were rated “fair” or “poor.” When it comes to daycare marketing strategies, you want to emphasize the safety of the environment you are providing for children, as reassurance for parents and caretakers.

Are you trying to revamp your daycare website? Here are three ways to market a daycare through a website and ad campaign that draws people in.


1. Make Information Easy to Access

When parents are searching online for daycares, they are often comparing and contrasting various places. For this reason, you want to put your information out there, so that you don’t get passed over in favor of a more descriptive website.


People want to know details such as whether they can choose full-time or part-time, what times they can drop their children off and pick them up, whether visits are allowed, whether you’re licensed and accredited, and what kind of daily activities the children participate in. A web designer can often assist you in developing an accessible and appealing website.


2. Online Daycare Marketing Ideas

Did you know that 85% of consumers have used search engines to find local businesses? There are several ways you can make your business more visible online. One idea is to keep a blog since this will increase your pages for search indexing.


The more frequently you post, the better you’ll rank. Try to incorporate important keywords, as determined by using tools like Google Analytics, throughout your posts. Another idea is investing in PPC or SEO services. PPC is the click ads that appear next to popular sites, and SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.


3. Get Creative

When it comes to finding ways to market a daycare, sometimes it helps to think outside the box. Social media, for example, can be extremely helpful when it comes to connecting you to the right local audience. You can place Facebook ads for your business page for as little as $5. Use this as a way to get the word out.


This is especially useful because Facebook allows you to target users similar to your existing fans. If the majority of your fans are local parents, you’ll be getting right into that market and not wasting your money having ads visible to teenagers, childless professionals, or people who aren’t local.