Three Tips for Successful Childcare Center Marketing Online
Did you know that child care centers are expected to see an employment growth of 20% over the next 10 years, as a result of increased demand for preschool programs? If you run a daycare, you might be wondering what, exactly, you can do in order to market your company and services better online.
Considering that 94% of smart phone users report looking for local information using their phone, it’s fair to say that having a web presence, particularly one that is optimized for mobile viewing, is an important part of building a viable future for your business. Here are three tips for staying modern online.

  1. Child Care Marketing Strategies

    Did you know that businesses see, on average, $40 return for every $1 spent on emailing? Invest in professional email software. It won’t be expensive, and it will allow you to have custom email domains, customized, clean newsletters, and an approachable address. You can use email lists to keep in contact with parents about important updates, as well as incentives for encouraging their friends’ children to apply. Consider marketing on Facebook; ads can be purchased for a low price and only displayed to people who fit your marketing demographic.

  2. Search Engine Optimization

    When you search for child care websites in your local area on Google, is your business one of the first ones that pop up? If not, you might want to try optimizing your site more for search engines. You can either accomplish this by outsourcing to SEO professionals, or taking steps to increase your overall online presence. This means committing to putting up interesting blog posts several times a week, and coming up with ways to create inbound links back to your website (such as guest posts on other parenting sites).

  3. Business Directory Listing Management

    When parents are looking for a childcare center, they rarely look at just one place. They want a center with hours that suit their schedules, a caring staff, healthy snacks, varied and entertaining activities, and of course a convenient location. For this reason, they often look through directories of child help centers. Look for business directory listing management sites that you can submit the name of your website to, along with a brief description of what benefits and amenities you offer to parents and their children.

What do you think childcare websites need to do for better marketing?