The Best Childcare Marketing and Website Design
In an era when so many families are budgeting their money and parents are exhibiting heightened vigilance toward the safety of their children, marketing a child care center can be challenging. In order for the top daycare centers to remain operational from year to year, they must utilize the most effective child care marketing solutions available.
Perhaps the most vital of all child care marketing solutions are child care websites. As with any business website, the job of a childcare website is to inform parents about every facet of an operation, and to prove to them the benefits of enrolling their children in a daycare center. Ultimately, an effective child care website will inspire confidence in parents, and convince them of the many benefits their children will derive through their centers.
According to a 2011 report by the U.S. Census Bureau, approximately 12,499,000 children younger than five are under regular childcare arrangements. Of those 12.49 million, 4.7 million spent their days in some kind of organized daycare facility. However, there are several million more preschool aged children who are not under any stable daycare routine. But studies have shown that high quality, professional childcare offers toddlers growth opportunities that are not available in the homes of most free daycare providers.
Child development experts believe that the lack of a consistent routine can be detrimental to the social and intellectual development of children. Furthermore, developmental psychologists have found a positive correlation between consistent, paid childcare, and the levels of self esteem and confidence exhibited by children under that care.
With the developmental advantages of organized childcare being so clear, why are there so many American children who lack a consistent daycare routine? Well, there can be many different answers to that question, but two of the biggest reasons are cost and trust.
The NACCRRA reports that the annual cost for full time daycare ranged from 4,900 dollars to 15,000 per year, for a single child under the age of five. Unfortunately, even 5,000 dollars a year may be too much for many parents to afford.
Then, of course, there are safety concerns. Many parents choose to leave their children in the care of a relative or close friend, because they believe it is safer. To the contrary, children are less likely to get injured at paid daycare centers than they are under the care of other daycare providers.
Although there are significant marketing obstacles for childcare centers to overcome, the most effective child care marketing solutions can help them to provide parents with accurate and positive information on the benefits of paid childcare. When done effectively, the best marketing solutions and childcare websites will prove to parents that childcare services are more than worth the price.