One of the most important ways you can sustain the growth and success of your child care business is to invest in quality employees. Unfortunately, many child care centers lose a staggering number of employees each year. It can be a huge challenge to the success and stability of your business. It is estimated that child care centers have a staff turnover rate of about 50% or higher in a given year. The United States alone has 1.4 million child care jobs available right now. Each year 200,000 new openings needed each year to keep up with demand.

So why are so many child care employees leaving their jobs? One study showed that more than half leave because of low pay and poor working conditions. Additionally, 38 percent have said they would stay if they received improved benefits and higher salaries.  These are just some of the reasons that cause many child care workers to quit their jobs.

As the owner of a child care center, it’s crucial for you to be familiar with the ins and outs of staff retention. If child care centers can gain a better understanding of the triggers that push staff to leave, they can work to address the types of problems that tend to drive employees away.

Ensuring that your staff is happy and motivated, which will increase the chances that they will stay and perform well at their jobs requires conscious effort. Here are some solutions to help you increase staff retention at your child care center.

Acknowledge your staff members’ contributions

It’s vital to show your employees that their work is recognized and valued. Come up with creative ways to show outstanding child care staff members the appreciation they deserve.

For example, you can start by recognizing employees’ stellar achievements in front of parents. In addition to reinforcing for parents that enrolling at your center was the right choice, it will also increase self-confidence among your staff. It’s also important for managers like yourself to give verbal praise and recognition to employees frequently throughout the year.  Take time to say “Thank you,” or “We’re glad you’re here.”

You can also help improve morale among your staff members by organizing fun events, such as staff appreciation and award dinners. Recognizing their efforts can establish a positive tone among employees and will make them more likely to stay on board.

Make training and professional development opportunities available for employees

It’s important to provide plenty of opportunities for your staff to receive ongoing training. This will enable them to keep up with important developments, acquire new skills, and stay abreast with current child care industry trends.

Many employees enjoy learning new skills that can benefit them for potential future careers outside of a child care center. These types of opportunities will increase the retention of your staff while leading to increased job satisfaction. Your staff can learn information and skills that enrich their personal lives as well as their income potential in the long term.

Organize team-building activities

Team-building activities are another great way to reduce child care worker turnover rates. These types of activities can improve staff morale, and help to reinforce the feeling that each employee is part of a family. They can also help to alleviate stress and exhaustion among your teachers and staff.

Consider organizing events like dinner parties, bowling outings, miniature golf tournaments, and more! These activities provide opportunities for your child care workers to bond outside of work and strengthen work ties.

Provide rewards and incentives

Offering your employees incentives, such as free childcare or vouchers for services, can also help increase staff retention. This will help your child care workers to see the value of staying at their jobs and encourage them to perform to the best of their abilities.

Make health care and other benefits available

Some child care centers offer their staff members healthcare benefits and quality insurance coverage. This is a great way to help reduce employee turnover rates at your facility.

It can be challenging to find ways to keep quality staff on board at your child care center. When you exert effort in retaining your employees, it will pay off greatly in the long run.

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