One of the most critical facets of a successful and thriving child care business is the quality of your relationships with your customers, namely parents. This is where the importance of open and frequent communication comes into play. Ensuring open lines of communication between your child care center and parents is key to ensuring that parents are actively engaged in their children’s learning while also ensuring they feel comfortable at your facility. It can be especially challenging to communicate with parents nowadays during a pandemic. Here is a list of helpful strategies to help you communicate effectively with parents and cultivate strong relationships with your clientele.

Find out your parents’ preferred platforms of communication

Especially nowadays, the opportunities for face-to-face interaction have become limited since the pandemic has started. In light of current circumstances, a lot of communication has moved online. To stay connected with parents from your center, it’s vital to utilize a variety of online platforms. You’ll need to find out which platforms your parents visit most so you can follow suit with your online communication approach.
Take time to identify which communication channels are most used by your center’s parents by asking them if they prefer to receive communication through SMS, email, or social media platforms.
Ensuring that you factor in your parents’ communication preferences will help parents feel connected and empowered. It will also put them in a position to communicate at their own comfort level, which will in turn help you stay connected with them regularly.

Be transparent and authentic

Parents want to feel confident that they have placed their kids in the care of experienced child care professionals who can provide quality care. The nature of your center’s environment will determine whether parents feel comfortable leaving their kids with you each day. This is why it’s important to stay transparent and authentic with parents.
When you communicate with parents, assure them they can always come to you with any questions or for clarification, whether they want to discuss their kids or general issues about your center in general. This will ensure that they are more inclined to trust you and your child care environment.
Providing regular updates about what’s happening at your center each day will help build a trustworthy relationship between parents and staff members. It also helps to create a positive and meaningful bond between both parties, which is vital in ensuring that children have a positive experience with your child care professionals.

Establish common goals with parents

Just as you have a goal of delivering excellent service to your customers, parents have a similar goal when it comes to their kids. When you come together to establish a set of shared goals, it will be easier for both parties to collaborate and work towards achieving those objectives.
Take time to gather suggestions and feedback from parents. Ask them about their objectives and priorities as they relate to their children’s learning and development. Having an open dialogue about expectations helps you get a better idea about where to focus your efforts. It also allows you to inform parents about which strategies will be used to help achieve those objectives. When you have these discussions, both parties are more likely to be on the same page and work towards a common goal without losing sight of what matters most.

Ensure that communication channels are two-way

Another strategy for communicating with parents is to ensure that communication channels go both ways. This will help maintain positive and effective interactions between your child care center and parents. It will also provide a venue in which any concerns about children’s developmental progress and information and updates can be shared.
It’s important to set up a system that allows parents to provide feedback as needed. Doing so will ensure that both parties are kept up-to-ate at any given time, allowing them to collaborate and work towards achieving their shared goals for the children. Make sure parents are given a platform through which they can share their questions, thoughts, feelings, and suggestions for how you might make improvements at your center. This is critical in order to strengthen your relationship with parents and increase their satisfaction.
Adopting effective communication strategies with parents at your child care center is crucial in order to build and maintain strong relationships between home and school. When you take these steps, parents will be more inclined to do business with you, and refer others to your center as well.
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