Hey citizens, yes citizens all,
Google - Stop Online Piracy Act If you have not heard, today several large companies on the internet have shut down or changed their content in protest against SOPA. What is SOPA and what is the whole protest about?
Here is a quick summary from the Washington Post, Post Politics 01-18-2012:
The fight is over two similar bills: the House’s Stop Online Piracy Act and the Senate’s Protect IP (intellectual property) Act. Both are meant to attack the problem of foreign Web sites that sell pirated or counterfeit goods. They would impose restrictions forcing U.S. companies to stop selling online ads to suspected pirates, sites suspected of piracy in search-engine results. processing payments for illegal online sales and refusing to list Web

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The power of the internet is obvious. I like to say you have the world library in your living room. Does it require policing? Yes. it does.
MoveOn - Stop Online Piracy Act However, business owners should not become the policemen of the internet. How am I as a small business owner supposed to know when others are violating the law?
So, as usual, Congress needs to take this legislation off the table. Create a group of knowledgeable internet leaders, and find a reasonable way to police the internet without placing the burden on businesses.
Please go to this site – https://www.google.com/landing/takeaction/ – and register your displeasure with Washington creating another stumbling block for businesses to succeed in the United States. And remember, this will not just hurt businesses but all citizens who use the internet in their daily lives.
Jeff Fisher
Local Internet Marketing Strategist