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Social Media Branding For Child Care Centers
Social Media Is Today’s Word Of Mouth

Presenting a unified lineup of social media accounts is a must! Word-of-mouth is frequently cited as the primary source of new business. But many business owners do not realize that “word of mouth” has largely moved to online social media. Without unified social media accounts, you lose control of how your company appears in online searches. Additionally, you don’t know where your current and potential customers gather online and you do not want to miss out!

How Can Local Child Care Marketing Help You?

Become part of the conversation! Our team will create and coordinate your company’s Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google +, and LinkedIn accounts. Depending on your industry and target market, Instagram and/or Pinterest may be options as well.
We will make sure that your brand has a unified appearance across all platforms and that each platform is fully optimized so that when someone finds your account, they have the necessary information to either contact you or learn more about you, your company and what you offer. Additionally, we can post to and connect with other businesses to give some of your accounts activity thus increasing your web presence.

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