A few tips and techniques can help you increase preschool enrollment. However, as in any plan for business growth, there is a strategy. Keep a staff that knows how to provide exceptional customer service. Consider offering expanded services that parents will appreciate.

Increase community exposure for your preschool by advertising locally and online.  Most importantly, get involved in community events.

Step #1: Provide Exceptional Customer Service

There can never be enough said about the benefits of great customer service. Build good relationships with customers and instantly gain trust. Make it a point to be friendly and upbeat all the time. Personality goes a long way in this business and it affects preschool enrollment. By all means, be nice to the kids! After all, word of mouth is a proven method of business growth.

Train your staff to provide a personal touch. In addition, send birthday cards to the kids and email newsletters to families who have had to withdraw keeping them updated.

Step #2: Expand Services

It might be worthwhile to consider expanding services in order to increase preschool enrollment. Think of it as a way of adapting to a changing environment. Look into offering a unique service that is missing from the competition.

This could be as simple as expanding hours of operation to include weekends or offering a specialized service that is in demand, but not offered anywhere local.


Step #3: Showcase Your Staff and Provide Incentives for Customers

Promote the unique skills or special qualifications of your staff. If there is something that makes your preschool a little extra special, your customers should know. In addition, offer incentives to current customers to bring in other families.

Reward them for referrals with discounts or special coupons. Again, this goes back to word of mouth, if you deliver to your existing customers, they will tell their friends.


Step #4: Increase Community Exposure

Working with other local businesses not only builds your credibility but also grows your preschool enrollment. Get involved with organizations that are highly regarded and recognized in the community. Offer time at a charitable event or sponsor a little league team.

Community activities that promote business growth are unlimited and the more visibility your preschool gets, the more trust you build with parents and caregivers.


Step #5: Advertise in the Community

Advertising in the community is really about providing information for your potential customers. Distribute flyers. Create a great brochure and leave it at your local YMCA or local library.

Make it a point to carry business cards at all times. Be diligent; word will travel about the services your school provides and your preschool enrollment will grow.


Step #6: Advertise Online

Make use of social media- it’s free.  Create a great website. Make sure you fill it with testimonials from happy parents and great photos of the kids. Provide several ways to contact you and keep it error-free! Do not turn customers away by making silly mistakes.

Start a blog and invite some of your favorite customers to post comments or share compelling stories. Finally, register your preschool with several online local business registries. Most are free!

Growing your preschool enrollment is easy. Practice great customer service and offer expanded services. Make sure you provide incentives for customers to bring in friends. Increase your community exposure and advertise locally and through social media. Follow these six steps and you will begin to see business growth in no time!