The most competent preschool owners know that the most essential component of their programs isn’t the meals they serve, their facilities, or the curriculum they offer. Rather, it’s the quality of your preschool staff. Your staff plays a vital role in the success of your school and the experience of your students.


The reputation and success of your school fall largely on the teachers. That’s why it’s imperative not to cut corners when hiring teachers for your preschool. It takes time and careful deliberation as you finalize your decisions about which individuals to employ.  In this post, we will share tips about hiring the best preschool teachers for your organization.


The 7 Tips for Finding the Best Preschool Teacher

Entice quality candidates

One of the initial steps in the hiring process of preschool teachers is to ensure that you’re attracting the highest quality applicants. A reputable preschool that provides fair pay, attractive benefits, and an inclusive professional environment will surely entice candidates who have strong credentials and experience.


Look at each applicant’s credentials

Make sure you take the time to read every applicant’s resume carefully. Limit your search to applicants who have earned at least a bachelor’s degree. Additionally, prefer those who have obtained a preschool teaching license or education credential. 


In addition to educational qualifications, take note of any applicants who are experienced in preschool management and curriculum implementation.

Conduct interviews

A detailed conversation is necessary during the initial meeting process of each applicant because it will help you narrow down your choices. During this meeting, preschool owners should ask candidates about their employment history, preschool education experience, and teaching skills. It’s also important to discuss the benefits that your preschool offers, such as your facilities, health insurance, available equipment, and other benefits.


After narrowing down your choices, conduct a more formal second interview with a smaller pool of candidates by asking questions regarding preschool education. It’s also important to present your potential teachers with an outline of your program so you can learn about their thoughts regarding preschool curriculum development.


Find out about past performance through references

A good indicator of each candidate’s performance is that person’s prior experience. In addition to the importance of talking to each applicant, you also need to conduct background checks by speaking to your interviewees’ previous employers and perhaps even some of the families who have worked with them. This process is an excellent way to gain a deeper perspective about each candidate.


Search for loyal applicants

Quality preschool teachers are passionate about their work and care deeply about their students. They build strong relationships with children and parents by showing dedication in their profession.


To find a preschool teacher who’s committed to his or her work, it’s important to outline your job requirements thoroughly, and be clear about your preferences. During your interviews, take time to ask your candidates what preschool education means to each of them.


Get a feel for each candidate’s personality

Finding a preschool teacher who will be compatible with the climate and vision of your preschool center requires time and patience during the hiring process. Qualified preschool teachers must be skilled when it comes to working well with children, parents, and other preschool staff members. They should be able to adhere to your preschool education standards.


Include professional development as one of your benefits

Let applicants know that those who are hired will have access to professional development opportunities. By doing so, you are also enticing candidates who seek to improve their knowledge. This is an excellent investment for preschool owners. When your staff members further their skills, your entire preschool will receive that advantage.


Observe how candidates interact with students

During the final stages of your hiring process, invite candidates in for a 30-minute tour of your establishment, during which they can become acquainted with the environment. Give finalists opportunities to spend time in classrooms or play areas.


During this time, you can assess each candidate’s understanding and interest level in preschool education by observing how each one interacts with children. It’s advised to also observe the ways in which they interact with other teachers and members of your preschool staff.


Inquire about each candidate’s educational philosophy

Take a moment to ask candidates about their views on children’s development and learning. In general, you’ll want to consider hiring a preschool teacher who can adhere to an emergent program. Candidates should provide a somewhat detailed answer and display a passionate attitude that demonstrates their commitment to early education.


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