The School registration process can be a stressful one for new parents. However, school registration doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, the easier you can make your registration process for new parents, the better their experience will be. Here are a few easy steps that will help you streamline your school registration and make the process seamless:


Go paperless and use a digital registration form

Most parents of school-aged children rely on their smartphones for everything. You can make their lives a little easier by going digital with your school registration form. Not only will they be able to complete your school registration from their phone, tablet, or computer, but it will also make it much easier for you to access  and organize your online documents.


Communicate any tuition-changes

Many child care centers struggle with cash flow, and are resorting to raising their tuition prices.  Unfortunately, this often happens during school registration time. It’s vital that you communicate any changes in tuition with parents clearly and promptly. This helps them budget accordingly so that they aren’t caught off guard. Providing context and clarity is always encouraged, as parents will appreciate the transparency.


Train your staff regarding your enrollment process and policies

Ensuring that all staff members are on the same page is imperative.  Be sure to train your employees about how to implement registration policies. Ensure that they’re available to address any questions from parents. All staff members should be knowledgeable about your center’s drop-off and pick-up times, schedule changes,  referrals, and eligibility for subsidized child care programs (if applicable.)


Include a parent handbook in the registration process

Another great way to streamline school registration is by providing each family with a parent handbook. Your school’s handbook should include information about your curriculum, emergency procedures, policies, and more! This gives new parents the opportunity to get an up-close look at everything you have to offer. A good handbook will leave parents feeling more confident about leaving their children in your care.


Advertise school registration in your center’s newsletter

Your daycare center should have a monthly or weekly newsletter that is distributed to parents of children who are currently enrolled at your center. Parents who are looking for school-age child care services are likely to take their time deciding where to register their kids. Your job is to illustrate why they should choose YOUR center! You can do this by advertising school registration in your newsletters, along with other important events and deadlines scheduled in the upcoming weeks.


Communicate school closure dates to parents in advance

School-age child care centers are often required by law to be available during certain school holidays. Be sure you’re aware of any school closures before they happen so that your center can stay open for families who need your services most. Sending reminders about upcoming school holiday schedules is a great way to show new parents how much you value their family’s time outside of the classroom, too! Having this information ahead of time will also allow parents who work on those days the opportunity to plan accordingly, which will help prevent unexpected schedule disruptions.


Offer incentives for referrals

You can also use registration time as an opportunity to increase your enrollment! When communicating about your center’s different policies, consider offering extra perks for referring new families. One way to do this is to leverage strategic partnerships. Consider partnering with a local business, such as a restaurant, to offer gift certificates to parents who refer their friends and families to you. This will not only increase your school’s enrollment, but it’s mutually beneficial for local businesses who also want to bring in more business from the surrounding community.



We’ve covered a lot of ground in this blog post. You know now that by going paperless for registration, communicating tuition and policy changes properly with your staff, including a parent handbook for new families during enrollment, advertising important events like open houses in your newsletter, and offering incentives for referrals during the busiest season of year will make your school registration process less stressful for both yourself and your families. To learn more about how we can help you do just that, schedule a free consultation with us today!