Each year, new families look for the right school at which they will enroll their children. As a school owner, it is your job to employ all means necessary to catch their attention and show them what your school has to offer. But with so many competitors in your area, being discovered can be difficult. That’s why preschool branding is essential.


“Branding”  shows your school’s personality and character through numerous avenues of communication and media, such as banners,  newsletters, and the content of your website. Implementing a preschool branding strategy is the most effective method that will enable you to project your desired specific image to prospective families. And now, let’s discuss a few specific ways to establish your preschool branding.


1. Employ Branding Experts

These are professionals whose job is to guide you through the necessary steps of building a solid brand for your preschool. They are experts when it comes to knowing what works best for families, what parents are looking for, and most importantly, how to make them notice your business. You can look for branding experts by searching online or asking your acquaintances for referrals.


2. Create A Logo

An effective logo is an essential part of building brand awareness. A logo gives life to your business and its identity. The primary goal of this step is to create a visual image that people will remember. That’s why your logo needs to be unique and creative, and it should represent your school perfectly.


3. Develop Your Message

Your main message should encapsulate what you want families to know about your center. It should also be the heart of all your marketing efforts, including your social media and email campaigns. 


First of all, your message needs to be clear and concise, and be something that stands out and is easy to remember. Secondly, ensure that it reflects the personality you want to project. Finally, your message needs to appeal to parents so that it will persuade them to enroll their children at your school.


4. Unique Selling Point

An easy way to ensure that families notice your business is through creative marketing strategies. In other words, you need to differentiate yourself from the rest by using visual content in your campaigns, like images, illustrations, and logos.


Every detail counts if you want to ensure that parents will remember you. Also, use effective calls to action on your website, social media profiles, and emails.


5. Socialize 

This is one of the most important aspects of any preschool branding process. First and foremost, be sure to create profiles on a few social media platforms so that you can effectively share information messages that get families’ attention. Many parents visit Instagram frequently, so consider creating a business account and posting high-quality images of kids having fun at your childcare center.


Also, keep in touch with parents via Facebook and Twitter. Be sure to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and events that matter to families.


6. Stand Behind What You Believe In

This is your opportunity to show families what you’re all about. Use this to your advantage by promoting your belief system and philosophy on each of your marketing materials. Your colors and fonts should complement your school’s beliefs. Ensure that your words reflect your principles through online descriptions and Tweets.


Make sure each of your online profiles and website accurately reflects who you are and convey why parents should enroll their children at your center.


7. Search Engine Optimization

Be sure that search engines can find you as soon as you are ready to announce the opening of your center. You can do this by applying keywords related to the child care industry and your geographical location. Therefore, tweaking your website’s Search Engine Optimization (or “SEO” is necessary to increase website traffic.


Be consistent with your SEO efforts, even if you’re starting small. This is the only way to increase your chances of seeing results.


8. Design

Generally speaking, your center’s professionalism will be reflected in the design of your marketing materials. Therefore, ensure that your design is clean and up-to-date. For example, use consistent images across all online platforms so that your center is easily recognizable. Use a timeless font that doesn’t become outdated, and pay attention to your color choice. 


For example, green typically represents growth and stability. Therefore, it makes it an excellent choice for a preschool.


9. Keep Your Messages Consistent

Your messages need to be consistent across all of your online platforms. Create a “voice” for your business by choosing one or two words with which you want to be associated. For example, you can highlight words like “respect” and “responsibility.” This way, families will know what your preschool is about at a glance.


LCCM provides a variety of marketing services to help you establish your preschool’s online branding. Call us today, so we can discuss what we can do for your center!