Parents who enroll their children at a daycare center need peace of mind that their little ones will be safe and well cared for each day. If you’re the owner of a daycare facility, one of your top priorities is ensuring the safety of all children in your care. While you may be confident in the level of safety measures you currently have in place, it’s also vital to promote these to prospective parents who may enroll at your center.

Parents tend to be familiar with local, state, and federal regulations when it comes to child care services. However, there’s nothing like getting additional reassurance from the owner of a daycare facility. How can you highlight your daycare’s safety protocols promoting your center to new parents? Here are a few helpful tips:

Make sure you know and understand all aspects of safety inside and out

Before you can highlight your daycare center’s safety features and measures, it’s crucial that you are extremely familiar with them yourself first. Imparting this knowledge to parents will require that you learn and understand the rules backwards and forwards.

A comprehensive safety plan goes beyond having a first-aid kit and ensuring that toys are age-appropriate. There are many facets of daycare safety, and it’s crucial that you familiarize yourself with all of them. Make sure that both you and your staff members truly understand the ABCs of daycare safety, and that they are practiced consistently it becomes second nature.

Promote your daycare’s safety measures through your website and other marketing materials

Once you are confident in your knowledge of your daycare’s safety regulations and measures, it’s time to promote them. Including a comprehensive outline of your daycare’s safety measures on your website and other marketing materials will let parents know that their children’s safety is your top priority.

In addition to discussing your facility’s safety measures, you can also showcase them in action. For example,  you might show parents a picture of your first-aid kit being used. If you have a strict policy against letting children play with toy guns, post photos that show kids playing with safe and age-appropriate toys instead.

Highlight the credentials of your staff

One of the best safety measures you can implement is hiring qualified and experienced employees. Parents will feel reassured knowing that the people taking care of their children have been properly trained and certified in child care and safety practices.

You can include your staff members’ credentials on your website and other marketing materials. And don’t forget to discuss the qualifications of your employees when parents visit your center in person as well. When families come for a tour of your facility, be sure to tell them about each staff member’s qualifications and experience. This will demonstrate that you make children’s safety a top priority.

Create policies and procedures that emphasize safety

To ensure everyone’s safety and wellbeing at your center, it’s essential to put policies and procedures in place that stress these priorities, they need to  be followed by both you and your staff members at all times.

Some safety policies you may want to consider for your daycare center include:

  • Regulating who can pick up children at the end of each day, and what types of identification they must present
  • Establishing rules that prohibit physical punishment and verbal abuse
  • Having a safe sleeping policy in place
  • Specifying which kinds of toys and games are allowed at your center
  • Making sure all staff members are trained in CPR and first-aid protocols


Encourage parents to ask questions about your daycare’s safety measures

Another way to ensure safety at your daycare center is to encourage parents to ask questions. By doing this, parents can rest assured that you’re not just talking about safety, but you’re also taking action to ensure that children are safe in your care.

You might consider creating a list of FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) regarding safety to which parents can refer, and post them on your website. This will show that you’re open and willing to answer any questions they may have about safety measures at your center.

Be prepared to address any concerns parents have

It’s normal for parents to have concerns about their children’s safety, even if you have taken all the necessary steps to implement safety measures. It’s important to be prepared to address any concerns that parents present.

One way to do this is by having a policy in place that specifically discusses addressing parent concerns. This could involve setting up a system in which parents can email or call you with queries. You can also meet with them in-person to discuss any safety concerns they may have.

Daycare safety is of utmost importance for both parents and daycare providers. Highlighting your center’s safety measures will help ensure that parents feel comfortable and confident about your daycare services, and help you earn their trust.

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