Children are very visual learners and parents also respond to image-oriented social media such as Pinterest. In general, people love pictures that are engaging and provide important information in easy-to-digest infographics. It is a great way to promote your child care business too. 

Pinterest has 125 million users in the U.S. and 93% of pinners are women, most of them below 40 — the prime demographic for mothers. So, the question is: How do you engage the 30% of social media users that look to Pinterest for advice?

On the platform, users post pictures by pinning them. Think of this as “liking” something on Facebook or adding a +1 on Google pages. To pin items, users download a toolbar then pin items from various websites. The picture and associated information appear on their Pinterest boards and followers can view the entire collection or re-pin ones they like. Although the system is simple, it takes some savvy to use it to promote your business. Here are seven ways to use this popular social network to promote your child care services:

1. Promote Your Child Care Services

The easiest way to use Pinterest to market your child care service or preschool is to pin your services so that current and prospective clients can share them. Leverage this strategy to yield the biggest impact. You can create several boards, so group your pins into service categories and include items for moms, dads and kids, for example. You may also wish to categorize infographics with helpful tips and tricks for parents, such as the USDA food pyramid and health infographics geared for keeping kids healthy. These items are likely to be re-pinned and draw attention to your business. 

2. Add Discounts and Registration Information to Gifts

When you create pin entries, you can attach price tags. This option lets you add a link to your website. These items appear in the “gifts” section, a virtual catalog of ideas for gift givers. Use enticing descriptions with discounts and benefits to attract new parents to your child care service.

3. Highlight Services

Although most pins are related to products, Pinterest is also a great place to promote your child care services. You can make a visual resume incorporating images from your daycare. For example, post a screenshot of an engaging classroom or fun riding toys used for play breaks. Be sure to get parents to sign a waiver if you wish to use student images online or hire child actors to avoid legal issues. You can also pin photos of child care workers and children obtained online. 

4. Maximize SEO Efforts

When you pin images related to your services, be sure to employ an SEO strategy that drives traffic to your site. For example, create quality backlinks when users link to your site. Use targeted keywords to coincide with common child care search phrases. Think outside the box to widen the net. If you want to engage parents looking for “fun things for kids to do,” use that phrasing in your descriptions. Don’t forget to share your pins on Twitter and Facebook to maximize your link backs. All of these activities drive traffic and improve search engine ranking for your site.

5. Offer Added Value Links

Savvy users avoid profiles solely designed to promote businesses. To get past this filter, offer added value to reward those who explore your profile. Pin to other services that users can benefit from — choose services that complement your business without competing with it. For example, to promote your child care business, you can link to local toy stores or sites that sell quality educational materials.

6. Offer Exclusive Content

People love the concept of exclusivity. If you create content on your website that’s unique, you can then use Pinterest to link back to your website. The higher the quality of your content, the longer the viewers will stay on the page. This has two main benefits. First, the longer users spend on your page, the better your search engine ranking. Second, the longer they stay, the more likely they are to sign up for your services or recommend them to someone they know. Unique content might include parenting tips, endorsements for local baby photographers or affordable birthday entertainers. This is also a great way to get backlinks from other businesses that cater to children.

7. Engage with Users

When users re-pin your items, thank them and comment on their pins. Follow other users so that they follow you in return. The more you encourage customer communication, the more valuable those relationships become.