Building Blocks of Connections
Purchase anxiety is natural for any purchase, but choosing the right preschool can result in additional stress.  After all, a child is a parent’s most precious possession.  However, your center can help reduce this anxiety by offering a guarantee, answering all questions, establishing expertise, building connections, and using testimonials.

Combining all of these can help reassure parents that your preschool is the right one for their child.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Most purchases come with some type of satisfaction guarantee, but parents do not frequently think in these terms for preschools.  However, offering a guarantee can go a long way toward reassuring a parent, because it says that your preschool is sure of the quality of services you provide.  Try offering a one-month trial period with a money-back guarantee.  Coupling this with an open-door policy will help reduce purchase anxiety.



Preschools need to provide parents with as much information as possible because unknowns can increase purchase anxiety.  Either on your website or in a brochure, your preschool can spell out policies, expectations, and daily routines.  Try to anticipate any possible questions or objections.  Address them in a section on frequently asked questions.  Parents will have their fears reduced and feel like they are not alone in this process.


Lack of trust is a major source of purchase anxiety for parents looking for the perfect preschool.  Your center can help relieve these fears by establishing your preschool and team as experts.  Your website can help by including informative articles that cite credible sources.  This lends the credibility of the source to your daycare. Your website should also include bios on your staff and any licenses, certifications, or awards.

Building Connections

Another way to help build trust is for preschools to actively seek to build connections with the parents.  An automated email system can help by establishing an immediate response to a parent’s inquiry.  It can then send out regularly scheduled emails that can drive the parents back to your website.  A daycare also needs to encourage two-way dialogue, because the more parents feel like they know your center, the less anxiety they will have.


Parents need to hear and see for themselves that your preschool can meet the needs of children in a happy and safe environment.  Testimonials are an effective way to do this.  This is a real, live parent vouching for your center.  It is especially true if the testimonial includes a picture and a full name.  Also, consider including pictures of children playing at your center.  This will help reassure parents and will enable them to envision their child there.

Let’s face it – choosing the right preschool for a child is a scary decision for most parents.  However, there are steps you can take to help relieve this type of purchase anxiety.  You can provide a guarantee, answer all questions, establish expertise, build connections, and use testimonials.  Doing so will go a long way toward convincing parents that your preschool is the right preschool for their child.