Business Partners for LifeYour Preschool growth can excel beyond belief when you invite strategic partners to join your sales team through shared marketing. This is a concept that promotes strategic partners sharing expenses and client bases. However, your preschool must first identify on-line and community partners and then offers these partners incentives.
What is Shared Marketing?
Shared marketing occurs when the sales team of one business joins forces with another that shares common ground with it. When this happens, the two strategic partners share the expenses involved in a marketing campaign and may even share their client bases thereby expanding possible leads. Also, the two businesses can engage in reciprocal referrals which can result in a higher client retention rate.
Identify Partners
The first step is to identify businesses that could promote your preschool’s growth through shared marketing. These businesses can either be on-line or local but must have ties to the same customer base – parents of preschool children. Some examples could be on-line toy retailers, local children’s restaurants, or even a local pediatric dentist. Once the partners have been identified, you can set up a co-operative marketing plan that will depend on whether the strategic partner is on-line or local.
On-line Partners
On-line partners can help promote your preschool’s growth in very unique ways. With this kind of partner, the plan focuses more on driving web traffic to each other’s websites. This can be done through articles or creating links. The best advantage to this kind of partner is that there is software that can track the referrals that originate from each website. That information can then drive future marketing decisions. This kind of shared marketing also costs very little except in terms of manpower.
Community Partners
Community partners expand your daycare’s growth through local ties. A community partner such as a pediatrician might share advertising cost for an event such as hosting an immunization clinic. Furthermore, a community partnership would involve providing reciprocal referrals and placing flyers or brochures in each other’s businesses. A local children’s restaurant might cater an event at your preschool or put up flyers in return for their flyers going home with the children.
Offer Incentives
In addition to the shared cost of marketing and the expanded client base, you might offer other incentives for businesses to join your sales team. An on-line partner might be offered payment free advertisement on your preschool’s website while community partners may be offered discounted services if they have preschool children. Your preschool may also enter into a contract for exclusive use of your partner’s product.
Shared marketing can result in extensive preschool growth by partnering with on-line and community partners. These partners share marketing costs and their client bases to increase sales for both companies. In addition to these benefits, a preschool might offer various incentives such as discounted services or exclusive use of products.