The question I get asked often from child care centers that are looking to attract more parents and increase enrollment is how they can do it quickly. There are a lot of tactics that I could throw at you, but if there were the one that I could pick, not because it is the top tactic, but it’s that one tactic that is controllable and I like to think of it as a firehouse, then I would say paid traffic or pay per click traffic. This means Google AdWords, Bing ads or Facebook ads or Instagram ads, and any kind of paid traffic.


Why Paid Traffic Campaign Is Right For Your Childcare Center?

The reason why I love pay traffic again is it’s just one of those tactics where if you need to drive more results now and you execute the campaign correctly it should drive higher enrollment rates.


Simple example: if you executed a Google AdWords campaign and you’re focusing on different phrases like best child care centers, which child care center is best for my kid, whatever those phrases are for the promotion you’re going for, you can bid and spend X amount of money so you can invest five hundred dollars for the month, drive traffic to a landing page and then easily check how many calls you got, how many parents interested, how many applications.

Analyzing Your ROI

Then, you need to look at the numbers, how many of those enrolled their kids, and if that outweighed the investment.


So the math is black and white. If you say: we invested 500 dollars and we got an X number of kids enrolled, then you will know if that easily pays for that 500 dollars investment.


But what if you wanted even more kids enrolled? I wouldn’t say go from 500 dollars to 5000 overnight. But why not ramp it up to a thousand dollars and ramp that up? You can do the same thing with Facebook ads and invest more. It’s black and white.

Seeking Professional Help

Of course, this is a simplified version, it takes a little bit more time. You got to have a professional who knows the ad copy and all the ins and outs of a childcare paid traffic campaign. Someone like Local Childcare Marketing. But the general idea is that you figure out your investment.


You tracked the results, you know how much to invest to get the desired results, and then if you figure out that the investment is worth it, you can do that all day long. Every day. You can be up and running in two weeks.