Today’s topic is all about paid social advertising for your daycare center and why is now the absolute best time to make sure that you are advertising across social media


Paid Advertising Today

If I start to look at where has the attention, been over the last six months, twelve, and then furthermore where has the attention shifted to over the last 30, 60, to 90 days? That attention largely focused on social media—Facebook, YouTube, or Tik Tok (one of the newer platforms).


People are still leveraging Twitter regularly, Instagram, or Snapchat (though Snapchat from what I’m seeing is on a little bit of the decline). 


1. Understanding Your Online Presence

If the attention heavily focuses on social media, that is where your local business needs to be. Now, rather than getting you overwhelmed if you’re not actively participating in social media, and when I say actively participating, I’m referring to your posting at minimum once or twice a day. Ideally, you’re posting various types of content, and you’re engaging with your viewers or your followers across social media, for example—that is really what an active presence is.


If you’re simply just posting a few times a week and really not doing much else, then you just kind of have a presence for the sake of having a presence. 


2. Facebook for Local Business

What I want you to look at and focus on first is what is the platform that either you have been engaged with the most, and that you’re continuing to maintain a presence and for most local businesses, that tends to be Facebook. There are other exceptions, however—there are some local businesses that have been dominating or having an active presence on YouTube and posting lots of great educational videos.


Or maybe they’re a landscaper, and they’ve focused intensely on Instagram. It varies, but if I were to make up a statistic on the fly, we’re probably talking 80 to 90% of the local businesses that Facebook tends to be where they have their main and active presence. 


3. Analyzing Social Media User Behaviour

I want you to look at what is being done on social media, with the people that you’re aiming to attract into your business, where are they hanging out? Are they going in groups? Are they watching all the different news stations and things like that and news videos on Facebook? I want you to start to study a little bit of their behavior. 


Then from there, I want you to just start to engage, but just really start to pose some questions. For example, you can ask them “what kind of content would be most beneficial to you?” “Do you prefer to see things in the video, audio, text, or imagery?” You want to just start to get some feedback from the people that are most likely to engage, or most likely to share—the people that are most likely to end up purchasing something from your business. 

4. Setting Goals

And I just want you to kind of stalk some of the different things that they’re doing initially, and just really getting on Facebook a little bit more as an actual user. From there, I want you to just start to be a bit more engaging, and just really doing polls and asking questions and things like that.


The whole goal is to look at when you start to do some daycare paid social advertising on Facebook, for example. What are some of the best options that are going to most connect with your listeners and your followers?


It’s going to vary from business to business and industry to industry because I could look at the funeral home industry, landscapers, preschools, retail stores, or restaurants. I mean, there’s going to be different types of content, different ways that you can interact that are going to be most relevant, most helpful, and continue to give you the best return on your time and whatever you end up investing. 


5. Choosing The Right Platform

If I start to look at it again, not only just the trends of social media and they’ve been continuing for years and years, but with everything going on with this whole COVID-19 stuff—your customers and prospects are social now more than they ever have been in history.


Like two hex addicted I couldn’t find a word that’s more than addicted, like double addicted to social media, like it’s insane.


I’ve never seen it to this level where people are. They’ve always been connected to their mobile devices and Facebook or Tik Tok and wanting to know what’s going on, and being social now more than ever. 

What I’m looking for you to do is :


Step One—pick that channel that you either have the most following on the most engagement, that’s where most of your customers and prospects are. 


Step Two—look at what is the platform that you believe you can post the best content on. Because at the end of the day, if you’re not posting relevant or engaging content—it’s not going to matter. If you have a bubbly, fun, and zany personality, maybe Tik Tok could be an interesting platform to look at.


I do not see it as a great marketing platform for local businesses. That’s from what I’m seeing and from the tests that I’ve done, maybe you want to try that out. 


6. Understanding Your Strengths

If you’re great at video creation, then you should look at YouTube and then go down that path of getting some videos produced. Then you’re going to start to put some daycare paid social advertising and paid social dollars behind the channels.


The neat thing with paid social is that you have to kind of really focus more of your attention on producing the best asset producing the best piece of content, the most helpful content. Then you’re just going to start to sponsor that content for a few dollars a day to amplify it. 


That’s similar to kind of boosting a post, but you want to make sure if you’re boosting a post if you’re putting $5 a day on a YouTube ad that you want to make sure that it’s ideally going to be seen and or heard by the people that you’re most interested in. 

7. Targetting the Right Demographic

Don’t just boost a post on Facebook and say I’ll boost it just to the people that are following my page, add some parameters. If you’re trying to attract I mean women between the ages of 30 and 40 that live within the zip code then add some additional targeting. Just because they liked your page doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re there your perfect customer or your perfect prospect.


Add some additional layers of targeting in there to make sure that when you are sponsoring content for a few dollars a day. That’s all that it takes a dollar a day and you’re going to start to do this with one piece of content every week.


So, you’re going to throw $5 a day, for example, or even just $2 a day, I mean, small numbers to start with. It’s just about to let’s start getting your content out in front of your audience a little bit more.


That’s all that we’re aiming for with daycare paid social advertising. Initially, let’s get more of your Facebook content, that good content in front of your audience. Let’s get more videos in front of your audience or more images, depending on what platform you decided to go all-in on. And I would rather see you, for now, focus on one platform intensely rather than have a little bit more of a shotgun approach and separate your efforts. out. 


To Conclude

In conclusion, your homework for today is to pick the best platform that you feel you could make the biggest impact on and then start to produce some great content and boost it. Simple as that. And that will start to get your message out your brand out. And just continue to start to give you some steam and traction. 


Get out there, make a change, and take some action.