Today’s topic is a review of the last, almost actually over four weeks of content around marketing from scratch. Basically, I wanted to kind of quickly review one line or two of each of the different episodes just to recap how I approach and how I suggest you approach marketing plan promoting child care business. 

1. Research

In these, we basically conducted a lot of intelligence around the competition. We wanted to see what is out there, who is out there, what are they up to, and all of that good stuff.

From there, we did one of my things and built out ideal customer personas—all the different types of people that you want to work with—who your core customers are. 

2. Naming Your Business

Next, we crafted a name for the business using a strategic naming process. 

3. Painting A Painted Picture

Then we started building out more of the strategic documents—we put together a painted picture and that is a vision into the future of what you want your business to look like three years from today. It’s one of my favorite documents because it allows you to get your team, your vendors, and your families that you would be driving to this new business, rallied, and ready to go. 

4. Building A Core Story

Another document that goes along with that is your core story and that is leveraging storytelling to further help align everything that is going to transpire. 

5. Building Out Your Brand Assets

Next, we started talking about some of the brand assets, so logos, typography, colors, and just all-around branding.

6. Reverse Engineering

The next topic, which in my opinion, is one of the most important episodes of this series, we talked about how to reverse engineer the opening. This is often one of those things that are skipped. It often falls to the bottom of the list of “well, we’ll just kind of see how things go and roll the dice and just try things out.” That’s not the right way to go about marketing a child care business—you want to be able to reverse engineer the opening.

7. Creating A Detailed Month-To-Month Opening Plan

After you start to reverse engineer that, you’re then going to put together a month-by-month grand opening plan. What are you going to be doing? How much money are you investing? All of that good stuff.

8. Securing A Digital Footprint

Next, we secured your digital footprints—securing some of your digital assets, domain names, and social media channels.

9. Framework For A Successful Website

We had you build out your website and give you all the ins and outs.

10. Creating Compelling Content

Followed by the next episode of how you build out the actual content for that website to write compelling content. 

11. Creating Branding Videos

Then we moved on to doing some fun branding videos and I talked about a three-by-three video strategy that will help you brand your new business and also drive some pretty swift wins and some swift conversions. 

12. Choosing The Right Keywords And SEO Strategy

We talked about search engine optimization, picking the right keywords, and how to make sure that this brand new website starts to dominate on Google.

13. Tracking And Monitoring Results

Probably, in my opinion, the second most important episode (while they’re all very important), is all about tracking. There is no point in executing any of the other tactics that I share with you unless you have proper tracking, proper phone numbers, landing pages, coupon codes, and all of those good things up.

14. Setting Up CRM For The New Business

In tandem with your tracking, we talked about building a customer relationship management system.

15. Securing Citations And Map Listings

We talked about grabbing your local listings, and those citations so that you have those secured well before you open the business. 

16. Securing Local Influencers Within The Community

We talked about securing local influencers, how can you get local media, and local influencers, to be helping drive things forward? 

17. Building A Strong Following Through Social Media

We talked all about how to launch all these social media, so you secured the actual assets for these particular channels. But we’ve finally then started to move forward with launching it and generating some press and some buzz.

18. Leveraging On Direct Mail For Advertising Your Business

Then we move on to talking about direct mail and how it’s a great opportunity to drive some great traction for you. 

19. Using Facebook Ads And Google Adwords To Jumpstart Your New Business

We talked about Facebook ads and Google ads as a great way to get yourself in front of targeted people within 24 hours or less. 

20. Youtube Ads For Growing A New Business

We talked about buying traffic that’s better than TV commercials, which is YouTube ads.

21. Multi-channel Marketing

Then we shifted over to where else can you buy paid traffic from so basically how to generate unlimited eyeballs all-day—every day. 

22. Door Hanger And Flyers

We moved on to then talking about door hangers and flyers, so actually flyering particular neighborhoods and getting your message out there. 

23. Finding Strategic Partners To Help Launch Your Business

One of my other favorite topics is really about strategic partners. So how can you partner with other similar businesses that aren’t directly competing with you, but rather, have a lot of similarities?

24. Tracking Metrics And Analyzing The Numbers

From there, I wanted you to start looking at what are the numbers telling you so how do you need to pivot? What do you need to change, tweak, modify, etc?

25. Using Billboards For More Awareness

We talked about billboards. So as we were getting closer to this launch, leveraging billboards and making sure that you have all of that brand awareness. 

26. Radio Advertising

As we further got closer to launch, we talked about leveraging radio and having the local DJs promoting your business—having them come out to the final topic of this grand opening slash open house.

27. Conducting A Profitable Open House/Grand Opening

The culmination of everything that leads up to an open house, a grand opening—a celebration of your new business. 

That is how you go step by step through a marketing plan promoting a child care business. The ground might sound like a lot—we condensed it down into 30 days worth of content at about 10 minutes a day—this would be executed over 369 or 12 months. 

You wouldn’t want to try and deploy all this stuff if you were okay. We’re gonna open a business next month because you see all the different steps that have to be taken. And the main reason behind this—this is the most important piece that you have to understand—is that in any kind of competitive economy, it is not if you build it and they will come. You need to make sure that you are opening up your new business with customers in advance of day one. I do not want you to get behind the eight ball—I need you to be ringing the register literally on day one.

That is how you market a new business from scratch. So I hope you’ve enjoyed the last 30 days’ worth of content and you gain some really interesting insights. 

As always, if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to shoot them in. And please make sure you share the love. Have a wonderful rest of your day and I’ll talk to you soon. 

Get out there, implement this marketing plan promoting your child care business and make a change.