In this live workshop we discuss how to optimize your child care website for conversions. We walk you through what works and how to get prospective families to give you a call to schedule their tour and ultimately enroll in your school! From adding a phone number to the right call to actions, we walk you through what’s working and what’s not.
Real-life questions from other child care center owners and the full webinar, watch below! 

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Why is conversion so important?

300 Visitors per month
5% Conversion
15 Calls / Form Leads
20% Conversion
3 Enrollments
$150 Average Tuition P/wk
$23.400 Annualized New Revenue
300 Visitors per month
15% Conversion
45 Calls / Form Leads
20% Conversion
9 Enrollments
$150 Average Tuition P/wk
$70.200 Annualized New Revenue

9 Critical Elements to Enhance Conversions

Conversions Method
This dominance method means you fill your program while having a strong web presence to last for years!

1.Speak to your target avatar. What are their fears and frustrations & speak to why they should choose you?
2.BE REAL – use authentic images of your team on the homepage & throughout the website (parents will then begin to know, like, trust you and your program just from your site.)
3.Use video & multi-media elements to engage different modalities welcome video – this is who we are and what we do
2.Videos for each of your programs/services
3.Video explaining why someone should contact you vs. the competition
4.Leverage Social Proof – showcase your online reviews prominently on the homepage with a tool like SoTellUs, ReviewBuzz or LCCM Proprietary system
5.Get the basics in order
1.Ensure that there is a web form that customers can fill out
2.Add credibility with Authority Symbols (BBB, NAECY, etc.)
6.Ensure you have clear Calls to Action on each page that speaks to your customer avatar & tell them exactly what to do next
7.Use special offers that matches the program they are in need of
8.Make sure your website is mobile optimized with an easy click-to-call function
9.Consider leveraging Live Chat. Must have someone near
computer all day, or hire a service to .

Who is your ideal customer avatar?

For Dual Earners

  • Home Owner
  • 23 – 35 years old
  • Typically female, occasionally male
  • Married with 2-3 kids
  • Head of household
  • $65k+ annual household income
  • Family-oriented
  • Likes gardening, crafting & arts
  • Lives in upper middle class neighborhood
  • Takes an interest in their community