There are many online marketing challenges new child care centers face when getting started. You have found the qualified staff and a great location. And you have spent countless hours on branding. You have been meticulous in making your child care center a safe and welcoming place for young ones.


How do you spread the word about your great new child care center? Let’s discuss some of the most common online marketing challenges and their solutions!


1. Too Little or Poor Content

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Quality content is vital for online marketing success

Having thin website content is one of the common online marketing challenges most businesses face. Your online search rankings will suffer if your website does not have enough content that is helpful to website visitors.


If your website says the same thing on each page or only has 100 words on a page, you will have a hard time getting Google to recognize your website as a good place to visit. A good web page has around 500 words of helpful information that is unique to that web page.


As you look at your website copy, consider what you want to communicate to parents. Make sure parents know who you are, what you do, and what separates you from other local daycares. What makes your child care center the place for little ones to be!


2. You Haven’t Gained Parents’ Trust

As a new child care center in your area, you are competing with other local child care centers that have more street credit, so to speak. Those child care center owners have worked for years to gain a strong reputation in their area. How do you establish your reputation as a newcomer?


As a child care center owner, you can build your online authority and gain a parent’s trust by giving helpful advice using a newsletter or blog on your website. Parents who are looking for a child care center will want to know your child care center staff is well-trained and knowledgeable in early childhood education.


Discuss early childhood education topics important to parents on your website to build authority and improve your search engine optimization (SEO).


3. Website Not Optimized

One of the most important online marketing challenges is SEO for childcare centers. How do you expect prospective families to find your child care center? Are they driving past your daycare center? Are they getting a reference from their friends who also have children?


It is highly likely that prospective parents in your area are looking for childcare solutions using a search engine like Google. How can you make sure that your daycare center appears in their search results? Check your online visibility now by doing a quick online search.


What comes up on the first page of search results when you enter a search term like child care centers in Pasadena? If you are based in Seattle, try entering Seattle daycare or Seattle Pre-Kindergarten into a search engine.


How did it go? Could you find your child care center on the first page of search results? If you can’t find yourself, your likelihood of being found by prospective parents is little to none. Tackle this marketing challenge by optimizing your website to be more search engine-friendly.


4. You Are Missing Out on Conversions

Does your website have a call to action? What do you want parents visiting your website to do once they are on a web page of yours? Do you want them to sign up for a newsletter? Schedule a tour of your child care center? You want to be clear about what you want from your prospective parents and what you are doing to engage them on your website.


5. Not Organized Social Media Platforms

Does your child care center have social media accounts? Do they all represent your brand in coordination? Social media marketing for child care centers is absolutely necessary due to the target demographic. In this day and age, parents with young children grew up using computers and are active social media users. Gain the attention of prospective parents by using Local Child Care Marketing’s Social Media Unification program.


6. You’re Missing Out on Important Tools

As a new child care center owner, the best way to approach your online marketing strategy is to think about working smarter, not harder. Use your time and capital wisely by strategically focusing on what can get you the best bang for your buck. One of the best things to do when you are first working on your online marketing plan is to claim and unify your directory listings.


This step should come before spending money on social media ads or PPC ads. Click here to learn more about our Business Directory Listing Management Program.


7. Putting Money in PPC Too Early

Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC) can be an especially helpful boost for a new daycare center trying to make page one of search results. It is important to remember that PPC works best if you have many of the other pieces in place before you spend top dollar for PPC. If you just invest in PPC, you will see a brief surge in traffic to your site. If you don’t have anything for them to see once they get to your website, then it is not time for you to invest in PPC.


Local Child Care Marketing

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LCCM is your online marketing partner

You can unleash more opportunities with online marketing for your child care center. There are so many different online marketing options that it can be overwhelming. How do you know where to focus your time, attention, and hard-earned capital?


At Local Child Care Marketing, we have built multiple programs to help daycare centers with online marketing. Our expert team can evaluate your web presence and identify what online marketing strategy could help your daycare center the most.


From SEO and PPC to our Website Development and Directory Listing Programs, Local Child Care Marketing offers online marketing assistance to help you build authority in your area.


Do you think we missed any important marketing challenges that new daycare centers face? Contact us if you have more questions about marketing your child care center online. You can also contact us for your child care website review to learn how to increase enrollments for your child care center.