There are a lot of metrics that you can look at when it comes to running your child care center. For example, there are enrollment numbers that are critical to look at. But, you can also look at the number of appointments that you have with parents that are coming up. I’m sure you know pretty well the metrics that I want to give you a little bit of insight on in terms of what we look at in all the different child care centers that we’re working with.


These are the childcare website traffic metrics that you also need to care about if you want to see how things are moving and see if there are any patterns that you might be missing or some things that could give you some interesting insights.


1. Track Website Traffic

The simplest of childcare website traffic metrics is just looking at how much raw traffic comes to your website. For simple math, let’s just say, a thousand people came to your website in the last 30 days. Is that a good number or not? It depends on the size of your center, the number of locations, etc. Those might be great numbers or terrible numbers depending on the size of your center.


2. Compare Website Traffic With Previous Period

The second thing you should look at is to compare the month before. So that is 30 days compared to other 30-day cycles. You’re not comparing 28 days to 31 days for example, but you’re looking at a revolving period. Then, the next step is to compare it to the year prior. Let’s just say, you’re looking at the numbers in January of this year to January of the year before this one.


What do the numbers look like? And why do they look like that? That to me is more important than just looking at month over month. The reason is that obviously, you’ve got different enrollment cycles. You know which month is high and which is low for enrollment.


So if you’re only comparing January to December, for example, your January can look amazing or December may look dismal in terms of your traffic so you’ve got to be comparing the same month to the same month. Of course, the number should be going up and not down.


If the numbers are going down, then there are some issues. Again, look at the numbers. If we’re talking about you got 990 the previous year and you got 980 this year, then that’s not a huge decline. But if you had 2000 and now you’re in a thousand, then you’ve got to look and see what is going on there.


3. Website Traffic Source

After you know your numbers, then from there, I like to look at where those numbers came from. In other words, what the traffic sources are for those numbers? How many people found you through Google organic search or Yahoo organic search, or Bing? Were you doing Google AdWords? How much came from social media?


Once you have those numbers, you can start looking at how many people who visited your website went and called you or submitted a form on your website. How many people are applying online or requesting to schedule an appointment online?


That’s a perfect closed loop system to say: we got 1000 visitors, 500 came from Google AdWords, and 500 came from Google organic search. For now, I can see that five submitted applications, and there are also 10 requests for appointments. These kinds of metrics allow you to see how things are moving for your child care center. We don’t care about social media likes, what you need to care about is how many of those people are calling you and requesting appointments.


Some Final Tips On Metrics

If you are working on brand awareness, then you can also care about those kinds of numbers, but these are more difficult to track. You want to look at the reach: this is a great number to measure – how many people got to see your message or see your brand.


These are all the childcare website traffic metrics that we track on a weekly and monthly basis. But you can also track your search engine rankings. Are you on page 1 or are you on page 1? These are the numbers you have to track every month.


Another idea for you what to track is if you have multiple locations, then you can look at the traffic that’s coming to your website from different locations to see if you need to try to be more aggressive in a different area because you need to raise your enrollment in that area versus the other. You can look and see how the spikes are attributing. Are you seeing a spike in traffic when radio ads are running for example?


These are all great ways to track your metrics. If you need help or have any questions, feel free to schedule a no-cost 15-minute discovery call with us. Just go to and book your call today.