Choosing the right preschool is never an impulsive decision. It is just too scary to place a child in the hands of an unknown entity. Instead, parents will carefully research their options and will make the decision when they are ready and not necessarily when your center is running a big marketing campaign. As a result, your preschool needs to have an active and continuous preschool marketing plan in place to see the most growth.


1. Reputation

The reputation of your preschool may be one of its most valuable assets and truly does require concentrated efforts when marketing to parents of preschoolers. This includes marketing efforts at retaining the current client base through activities that keep them happy and informed.

However, you need to be aware that more is required, because not every new parent comes through word of mouth.

2. Cautious Parents

Parents tend to be extremely cautious when it comes to choosing the right preschool. They want a preschool that they can trust and that they know is reliable and respected within the community. While marketing to parents of preschoolers, a carefully crafted strategy can help relieve these fears by establishing your preschool as an expert on children and it can emphasize your history and standings within the community.

3. On-going Marketing

Parents make the decision to place a child in a preschool when they are ready to do so and not when your center is running a marketing campaign. However, ongoing advertising can help capture the parents’ attention at the right moment; it is a matter of opportunity at the right time. On-going marketing can also create a brand image which can lead a parent to feel familiar with your center.

4. Perceived Value

Your preschool must also put considerable effort into marketing perceived value. Parents are not necessarily looking for the cheapest preschool; instead, they want quality. Your preschool must find ways to market your uniqueness, convenience, reliability, and other factors that concern parents. Simply put – parents want quality child care and will not settle for an inferior preschool in order to save a few dollars.

5. Competition

Because parents are so cautious, they will likely spend time researching all of the preschools in your area. A savvy plan must include taking the time to know what the competition is offering so they can counter. It is not so much the offer that will tempt the parents to enroll their child, but that the parents will consider any offers that are out there when they are ready to place their child in a program.


In order to see enrollment increase, your preschool must put a lot of effort into advertising. You must maintain a positive reputation, overcome parental concerns, enhance the perceived value and be keenly aware of the competition.  In addition, your center must engage in ongoing marketing so that your name is always the first to spring to mind when a parent is searching for a preschool.