Marketing ideas for daycares in the past mostly consisted of word-of-mouth information and referrals. These days, parents are far educated about their options and there is a much wider variety to choose from.


Competition among daycare centers for new families has never been greater! To get ahead in this increasingly competitive marketplace, you’ll need to implement an effective daycare advertising strategy. It should capture the attention of your target audience – parents. In particular, parents who are searching for daycare services for their children.


If you’re not sure where to start, here are 4 effective marketing ideas for daycares that you should implement!


1. Step up your social media game

Social media has become a staple when it comes to running any kind of business nowadays. And the child care industry is no different. Make sure your business has an established online presence on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Some of these social networks better suit different demographics.


Social Media has been very effective when marketing daycares. Take a look at platforms that fit your center better. In terms of deciding what kinds of content to post, it’s beneficial to include your daycare’s latest events, new services, testimonials from parents, and photos of the kids (with parental consent, of course). Consider posting photos that showcase fun activities with children of various ages in their classrooms.


Sharing a photo of kids engaged in a fun arts and crafts activity can go a long way!  Posting photos that show parents snapshots of kids enjoying daily activities always goes over well with prospective clients. Potential leads want to see more than just a photo of an empty classroom and the outside of your building. 


2. Step up your online presence

Your daycare’s website is an extremely important tool in your advertising arsenal, and it should be adequately optimized for searches. When it comes to your website’s content, you’ll want to make sure that all of your services are clearly listed. Additionally include any policies or regulations specific to your daycare.


You should also include your center’s contact information, including the phone number, email address, and where you are located (and if you have multiple locations, be sure to include the phone numbers and addresses of each location.)


Make sure all information about your daycare facility is easily accessible on Google Maps or other popular search engines like Bing. Many people use these platforms as their main source of navigation these days, and the easier it is for them to find you, the better!


It’s also important that you include plenty of images and videos on your website, as this will help with your organic “SEO” (Search Engine Optimization) efforts if people are engaging with your content. SEO is becoming increasingly important for any daycare advertising strategy, and you can read more about it here


3. Include testimonials and reviews from satisfied customers 

Another important marketing idea for daycares is online reviews. Reputation management is becoming increasingly crucial in an era when people search for businesses on search engines to find more information. It’s a good idea to post testimonials from recent clients on the homepage of your website, so that prospective parents who browse your site can learn just how amazing their experience can be if they chose your center.


In terms of review platforms, Yelp and Google Reviews tend to be the most popular platforms people use. If your reviews are lacking (or even worse, nonexistent), your center is going to lose credibility. Positive reviews are critical to any daycare advertising strategy, and if you’re serious about growing your business, it’s worth the time and effort to make sure that they are plentiful.


4. Start networking in your community!

If you’re looking for a way to make your center stand out from the competition, or you’re just looking for another avenue of generating interest from new families in your daycare, consider hosting events in your community. This is especially beneficial if there are other organizations, such as the local library or bookstore, that might co-host an event with you.


It’s common these days for many daycare organizations to partner up and hold joint workshops or give talks on topics relating to child care. You can hold “Q&A” sessions in which parents can learn about different aspects of child care, like how to dress their children when going outdoors (and what types of clothes are best depending on the weather), how much sleep children should get each night, how often children need to be vaccinated, etc.


Make sure to include plenty of pictures on your website and social media pages to show your prospective families how much fun these events are!



These are just a few marketing ideas for daycares that you need to head in the right direction as you develop a stellar advertising strategy for your daycare. Remember that the most effective way to build your business is by investing in increasing awareness in your surrounding community, so make sure you’re using all the tools at your disposal to do just that!


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