Have you ever thought about how much marketing is needed for a Montessori school? Unlike traditional schools, there is no standardized curriculum to follow. The students are taught through hands-on activities, and the environment is focused on the students’ independence and creativity. This is why it’s so important to market your Montessori in a way that highlights these differences so parents can be confident that their children will have an enriching experience at your school. Here are seven effective marketing strategies to help increase enrollment at your Montessori School:

1) Make sure your website is flawless

A professional-looking website is the first step towards attracting new families to your school. Ensuring that your website has engaging  and informative content is a significant factor when it comes to ensuring that your website is effective enough to convert parent leads. Maintain a portfolio of your most memorable photos and videos that highlight your school’s activities, programs, and teaching philosophies. It’s also important to ensure that all of your center’s key information is up to date on your site. This includes checking your school’s operating hours, location, and contact information.

Pro-tip: Set your mind  at ease by hiring someone who has expertise in web design and marketing for Montessori schools!

2) Utilize social media platforms to expand your reach

Social media is a great way to get your Montessori school’s name out there. Facebook and Instagram are effective platforms to help you reach your target audience, as many parents frequent those sites to browse and learn more about their child care options.  Make sure your marketing approach includes a solid social media plan that incorporates posting pictures and videos of your school’s daily activities, special events, and student achievements. We recommend scheduling posts ahead of time to maintain consistency across your content, and it will also save you time!

3) Take advantage of paid traffic

There are a variety of paid traffic methods available across the web. Facebook ads tend to be the most effective.  Start by creating a Facebook advertising account, and adjust your settings accordingly so you can target your ideal demographic. As soon as you establish a budget for your ad spend, start running ads that feature content from your website or your Montessori school. Make sure to include captivating pictures and videos of what goes on at your school! Paid marketing is a great resource that can help you reach new parents with young children.

4)  Come up with enticing offers for new parents

Offering incentives for new families is a great way to encourage people who are considering enrolling their children at your Montessori school. These can include things like discounted child care services, free registration, or two weeks tuition-free. In addition to those options, you may also offer additional incentives for referrals. By doing that, you’ll be gaining more enrollments from new families while retaining your current students!

5) Set up a Google My Business account

Millennial parents rely heavily on Google to research their options before making their final decision. There’s a variety of reasons why your Montessori school should have a Google My Business account, if it doesn’t already. Setting up an account offers great benefits, like better Search Engine Optimization (or “SEO”), an opportunity to share positive user reviews, and greater ease with which parents can find additional details about your Montessori school. Creating a Google My Business account will have a great impact on your ability to reel in parent leads.

6) Reputation management through online reviews

When it comes to marketing Montessori schools, it’s important to cultivate a positive online reputation. More often than not, if a Montessori school has negative reviews, they will have the greatest influence on parents’ decisions regarding where to enroll their children. That’s why reputation management through review campaigns is a crucial component of driving enrollment. Asking for parent feedback about their experience at your school on review sites (such as Google reviews, Yelp, or Care.com) is a great way to start building up your reputation in the community.

7) Utilize email and SMS marketing with a CRM tool

Nowadays, many families rely on email and SMS to remain updated and stay in touch. While there are plenty of ways to execute an SMS and email marketing campaign, we recommend using a CRM tool to utilize this type of outreach. A CRM tool can help you stay in touch with both current and prospective clients without the hassle of managing an email list. It can also give you valuable insight into how to increase enrollment.


Montessori schools are a great option for parents who want to provide their children with an educational environment that fosters creativity and self-discovery. With the ever-changing landscape of the child care industry, it’s important for you to ensure that your Montessori marketing strategies are evolving as well. Try using one or more of these strategies today, and let us know what you think!

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