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Get Your Social Media Updated Consistently

You don’t have to be a creative genius to excel in social media! Our Content Engine allows you to find, organize, curate and modify proven, popular content from other sources!

How Does Social Media Update Services Work?

LCCM’s team of professionals locates, organizes and curates the Most Popular Content on the Web. Once correctly prepared, that content is added to your Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter accounts providing fresh engaging content for your fans and followers.

What Services Are Performed by LCCM?

  • Post to Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn, 3 – 4 posts per day, 7 days a week from content most likely to be shared by your fans and followers.
  • Locate and obtain your approval of content for posting that will come for 15 – 20 preapproved Facebook pages and websites with RSS feeds
  • Ensure the content posted is aligned with your brand and is relevant to parents and potential parents.
  • Keeping the ongoing interaction with your fan base, essentially to keep the pages active and updated and relevant.

What Services Are Performed By YOU, The Customer:

  • Responding to and interacting with followers and friends comments on your profiles.
  • Interacting with your growing lists to increase tours and enrollments.
  • Adding friends and followers, sharing content with specific parents and liking posts in your news feed.
  • Adding daily custom content written by you including the uploading of pictures of events happening at the center.