There are a lot of options when it comes to online marketing and expanding your web presence. Over the years we have tested and proven what marketing strategies work and which don’t. Below are the areas of your web presence that we can help you with.

Child Care WEbsite DevelopmentWebsite Development

A pretty website is not enough. Parents need to find critical information fast! It is important that your website captures a parent’s attention in less than 10 seconds and directs them to the important information on your website. In addition, it is important to have ways to capture a visitor’s information on your website so that you can market to them in the future.

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child care mobile website developmentMobile Website Development

Google is penalizing the rankings for websites that are not mobile friendly. You have two options when it comes to mobile websites a dedicated mobile website or a responsive website. At a minimum you want to have a responsive website, this is a website that adapts to all screen sizes and makes it easy to read and engage with your website. A dedicated mobile website is more custom approach and has some additional functionality and simplicity to it.

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child care website supportWebsite Support

Our program provides peace of mind with hack prevention & unlimited website updates! We know that you are busy running your center, which is why we created The Updates Simplified Program (TUSP). This program provides website support and maintenance so that you can worry about running your center and let us worry about updating and managing your website.

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child care directory setupDirectory Setup & Management

Directories are crucial for your center’s web presence authority & ability to gather reviews! A directory is anywhere that your Name, Address and Phone Number (NAP) can be listed. It is important that you are in as many directories as possible as you never know where a prospective parent might be looking and it plays a large part in your overall web presence.

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child care social media unificationSocial Media Unification

Social media accounts need consistent branding to increase authority and rank above websites. Whether you believe social media will work for your center or not, it is important to have your business setup on all of the social media accounts as this will help you control the search results for brand related searches.

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child care Facebook managementFacebook Posting & Advertising

With the ability to target your exact audience, Facebook is a powerful and affordable option. By having active posting on your Facebook page you can engage both prospective and parents with enrolled children. In addition, Facebook Advertising is a great online marketing tool for child care centers as you can create highly-targeted ads that talk directly to parents about the program you want to promote.

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child care reputation managementReputation Management

Our reputation program monitors, manages and helps you market your online reviews. Over 80 percent of parents will trust an online review as much as a personal recommendation. Due to this, it is critical that you have a system in place to gather reviews from parents and to market those reviews.

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child care seo contentLocal SEO & Content Creation

Optimized content will increase your website rankings, giving you more visibility and credibility. Traditional Search Engine Optimization (SEO) usually fits into this category, although it really encompasses more. Quality content is one the main ways that you can increase your website’s visibility in search results.

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child care ppc managementPay-Per-Click Management

PPC guarantees your center is getting the right visibility for industry related search terms. With the right ad and the right landing page pay-per-click advertising can drive a lot of traffic and leads for your center. It is critical that your PPC campaign is setup correctly and monitored on a regular bases or you may be spending too much per click.

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