Child Care FactsFor a business, such as a childcare center, it is critical to both understand Local SEO and to maximize search engine optimization.  The reality is that, unlike other businesses found on the web, your business must be visible to community clientele.


That means finding ways to be visible on some of the major players such as Google Places, Yahoo Local, or Bing Local. Factors that influence this include the website, local directories, citations, and backlinks.


1. Website

The website is certainly a major factor in maximizing childcare Local SEO.  For the best search engine optimization, the title should not be underestimated.  Keep the title updated and make sure that it is unique while incorporating keywords.  Keywords should also be spread throughout the text as well.


Also, make sure that contact information is accurate.  Finally, consider incorporating a blog into the content as this keeps the content fresh, which is something the major search engines want to see. 


2. Local Directories

Local Directories are often a free way for a business to advertise.  It’s easy to do and just requires you, the owner to claim the listing.  These are great because they operate much like the traditional Yellow Pages only they are found on the internet. Popular ones include Google Local Business Center, Yahoo Local, and Merchant Circle.


It’s also possible to make sure that it links back to your website.  However, in order to maximize Local SEO, make sure to complete the profile with accurate information.


3. Business Profiles

The business profile is easy to complete and one of the best ways to maximize search engine optimization.  First include all contact information including the business name, address, telephone number, website URL, and email address. However don’t neglect such information as services offered, payment options, hours of operations, certifications, and associations.


Also, don’t forget to include keywords that can maximize the Local SEO.  Some directories will even permit videos and pictures to be uploaded.

4. Backlinks

When calculating page rankings, search engines such as Google examine the number and quality of backlinks.  This means the number of sites that link back to a website.  However, do be careful because quality can trump quantity. For example, a backlink from a Chambers of Commerce might hold more weight than will an unfocused blog.


To increase quantity, consider business groups and friends. Also, consider writing articles for other websites and using social media sites such as Facebook.


5. Local Citations

When trying to improve the use of Local SEO for your childcare center, citations can also carry a lot of weight.  Simply put, citations are any mention of a business on the web that will allow the major search engines to validate the content information of a business. This means that there doesn’t necessarily have to be a backlink involved.


In fact, search engines such as Google view citations as a critical component.  Of course, like backlinks, quality and quantity do matter.


Child care centers must strive to optimize Local SEO in order to attract clientele.  This means making the most of such things as a website, local directories, business profiles, backlinks, and citations.  If done correctly and consistently a business should see its position rise in the rankings of such giants as Google Place and Yahoo Local.