Earlier this year Jeff Fisher  and Devin Sizemore attended a Master Local Marketing live event in beautiful San Diego, California. The event was 3 nights and 3 days and was packed full of great information, incredible networking and top-level idea generation on how to help business owners take their local web presence to a completely new level.
In January of 2012, Jeff Fisher and Devin Sizemore joined Kevin Wilke‘s platinum level internet marketing mastermind group with coaches Eric Kurit and Jody Underhill. Over the last four and a half months, Local Child Care Marketing has been shifting its services to better serve the child care industry.
At the Master Local Marketing live event, we started adding to and tweaking our services to make sure our clients are getting the most up to date and complete local online marketing possible. Since the event, we have added video speed ranking to our list of local marketing services provided and are already seeing great results. In addition, we are excited to announce that Local Child Care Marketing will be adding childcare mobile apps to our list of services provided starting August  1, 2012.
While at the event, Jeff Fisher and Devin Sizemore were able to connect with some of the industry’s leaders and have continued to connect with some of the top minds in the internet marketing industry since.
Here are some photos from the event: