There are more than 800,000 daycare facilities in the United States, and that number continues to grow each year. In fact, more than 65 percent of American children spend at least one day a week in pre-primary daycare. For daycare center owners and managers, the competition has never been tougher. That’s why your daycare marketing brochure needs to be as enticing and as engaging as possible.

Sure, good graphics will make your brochure look attractive, but there are three essential elements that every daycare brochure needs in order to be effective as well as attractive. Do you know what they are?

Three key points for your daycare marketing brochure

1. How your facility is unique and different from other daycare facilities in your area.

The key selling point of any daycare facility is what it offers children (and their parents) when compared to other facilities. Ideally, you should have between four and six bullet points that you can feature front and center on your brochure.

These can be things like your innovative, hands-on learning activities, your experienced staff, your extended hours, or your faith-based (or other) philosophy to child care. Highlight those things that you feel set your facility apart from your competitors.


2. Social proof of what you outlined in point one

Your words are great, but testimonials from satisfied parents are more meaningful to those parents thinking of leaving their kids with you. Make sure to include a few quotes from satisfied customers in your marketing brochure and on social media pages like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

How do you get these testimonials? Some will come organically when parents write to you or post their positive experiences on social media.

However, to speed up the process, you can nicely ask parents for a testimonial (just a few lines is fine) and even offer an incentive like cash, a prize, or a raffle entry for sending you a few words about their positive experiences with your company.

Is your company reviewed on an online review site, such as Yelp? If so, you can use excerpts from these reviews and your overall rating as selling points.

(You can say something like “We have a five-star rating on Yelp! with more than 100 reviews.”) Other awards, where customers can vote on your services, such as a magazine, website, or newspaper “Best of” awards, would also be appropriate to include in your brochure.


3. A call to action

You want to do more with your brochure than just provide information. You want it to encourage parents to enroll their children in your daycare facility. That’s where the call to action comes in.

Located towards the end of your brochure, the call to action should provide a reason for parents to act now, rather than wait until later (when your information may not be so fresh in their minds) to choose a daycare facility for their kids. The reason for them to act now might be to take advantage of a discount that’s only offered for a limited time.

It might be to receive a free gift with their enrollment (diapers, maybe?) or it might be to take advantage of a free day of daycare for their child so the parents can “test drive” the services at your facility.

A simple message like “come visit us” or “call us today” is too vague and isn’t really enough to get people to act now and choose your business before their enthusiasm has cooled.

To Conclude

Creating (or rewriting) your daycare center’s marketing brochure should be an important part of your overall marketing plan. For one thing, it gives one parent something to refer to when making the case for your facility to the parent not present at the interview.

Taking the time to make sure that this piece is as effective as possible can mean a steady flow of new customers. For best results, make sure to keep your message simple and succinct, offer testimonials and other social “proof” of your assertions and include a dynamic call to action.