Jeff Fisher and Kevin Wilke (Online Marketing Expert)
Jeff Fisher and Kevin Wilke (Online Marketing Expert)

Recently, Local Internet Marketing Strategist and Owner of Local Child Care Marketing, Jeff Fisher, was asked to join Kevin Wilke, Executive Director of the Local Internet Marketing Association, as the monthly guest for a phone interview that Kevin does with up-and-coming internet marketers.
During the call, Kevin Wilke asked Jeff about his local business background and his decision to work with a niche (the childcare industry).
What is interesting about Jeff’s interview and what makes Local Child Care Marketing unique, is that Jeff has been a local business owner (running a local business for 12 years). He understands the everyday grind of running a local business and has adapted his approach to internet marketing to meet the needs of local business owners.
If you would like to hear the complete interview, click the link below:

Kevin Wilke Interviews Jeff Fisher -CLICK HERE