Internet Marketing Services
For Child Care.

With our extensive experience working with hundreds of child care centers, we have tested and proven what methods will drive the most impactful results for your location.
We offer a few packages tailored to your business needs which include:


Foundation Marketing Package.

Get your business up and running with our Foundation Package.  If you have a new location or haven’t done any marketing in the past; or have a tighter marketing budget, this may be your best option.
In this package, we offer:

Enrollments On Demand Package.

For those who are serious about driving enrollments, this is our best option and our most popular!
We look at the beginning-to-end process of how parents discover, interact, and enroll at your location and provide expertise in improving each stage of the enrollment process.
The Enrollments On Demand package includes:

Website & Hosting Package.

Your web site is your most important marketing asset.
A well-designed site that is set up for conversions can make all the difference when launching and growing a new center.
Potential new customers will be able to search and navigate to your site, submit their information, book a tour, and enroll.
Our tried-and-tested web design package includes:

Drive results for your location today by speaking with a representative!

Website Development.

An aesthetically-pleasing website is important, but a website that isn’t fully optimized for search traffic and your target audience can result in missed opportunities.
Providing a flow that is seamless and intuitive will contribute to the overall user experience.
Most importantly, your site will be SEO-ready which will favor your website through organic search queries.
Potential new customers will be able to search and navigate to your site, submit their information, book a tour, and enroll.
To learn more about our child care website development programs.


Website Support.

Our program provides peace of mind with hack prevention & website updates!
We know that you are busy running your center, which is why we created The Updates Simplified Program (TUSP). T
his program provides website support and maintenance so that you can worry about running your center and let us worry about updating and managing your website.
To learn more about our unique child care website support program.


Local SEO & Content Creation.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a powerful tool to give you the ability to dominate locally in your area.
Optimized web content will also increase your website rankings, giving you more credibility.
We will also build high-quality links to your website and “off-site” SEO with reliant anchor text.
All these systems increase your online visibility, allowing parents to discover you easily and quickly.
To learn more about our authority development program.


Facebook Posting & Advertising.

With the ability to target your exact audience, Facebook is a powerful and affordable option that allows us to find your potential customers.
By having active postings on your Facebook page, this gives your center the ability to engage with prospective parents.
Additionally, Facebook advertising allows us to place highly-targeted ads in front of those who are most likely to enroll at your location.
To learn more about our Facebook posting and Facebook advertising programs.


Pay-Per-Click Management.

PPC guarantees your center is getting the right visibility for industry-related search terms.
With the right advertisement and landing page that we’ll design, pay-per-click advertising can drive high volumes of traffic and leads for your center.
It is critical that your PPC campaign is set up correctly and monitored on a regular basis. This requires a high degree of knowledge and experience which is why we are qualified to manage everything for you.
We are committed to managing and optimizing your campaigns, resulting in an efficient cost-per-lead for your location.
To learn more about our Pay-Per-Click Management program.


Reputation Management.

Our reputation management program allows us to control the narrative of what others are saying about you online.
It’s much more advantageous to be proactive than reactive, as any negative reviews can greatly damage your image as a business.
On your own, it is nearly impossible to scour every corner of the web ensuring all your reviews are positive.
This is why we have created our own proprietary feedback system to manage your reputation for you!
Interestingly, over 80 percent of parents will trust an online review to the same degree as a personal recommendation.
To learn more about our child care reputation management program.


Directory Citation & Management.

Directories are crucial for your center’s web presence and ability to gather reviews.
A directory is anywhere that your name, address and phone number (NAP) can be listed.
With hundreds of potential listings online, it is even more imperative that your center is featured in as many directories as possible where a prospective parent may discover you.
This also plays a large part in your overall web presence and organic favorability.
To learn more about our child care directory setup and management programs.


Social Media Unification & Postings.

Social media accounts need consistent branding to increase authority and rank.
Whether or not social media has worked for your center in the past, setting up social media accounts will allow for higher engagement and provide for better optimization of brand-related searches.
We also provide postings to your sites to help boost interactions within your social media community.
To learn more about our social media unification program for child care centers.




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