With the increasing number of parents from the “Millennial” generation, the demand for new technology to stay up-to-date and connected with child care providers has never been greater. Daycare centers should utilize many app features to remain competitive and provide an exceptional experience for your families.

Keep reading to learn about a few child care app features you might want to utilize for your center!

User-friendly interface

User-friendliness is a feature of any app that is at the top of every parent’s list. It’s essential that you make sure your app is easy to use, regardless of whether the user is tech-savvy or not. It means you need to incorporate an intuitive design that makes it easier for you and app users to navigate. Another critical element is ensuring that your app loading times aren’t too long.

People are far more likely to become frustrated and close out an app if they wait too long. Lastly, ensure that any imagery or text you use isn’t blurry or difficult to read against different backgrounds. The easier on the eyes, the better!

Ease of communication

Remember to ensure that communication is accessible and streamlined between yourself and your parents. Parents need to contact their daycare providers or other staff members about important issues, such as last-minute cancellations or changes in the daily schedule.

Your app should provide a quick, easy method of communication that is mobile-friendly. Not only is it essential for scheduling purposes, but it’s vital in cases of emergencies as well. Your app feature should allow for you to have easy access to health care or emergency contacts, all saved in one location or tab.

You need to quickly access important numbers with the push of a button if something ever happens. Lastly, consider having your notifications turned on. Including an app feature that allows for push notification means you won’t miss any messages from parents!

Include an online payment option 

Another app feature that is essential for daycare centers is the ability to make online payments. This option will allow parents to be more proactive with fee payments due to ease of accessibility. Making payments at any time with just a few taps is immensely convenient for busy parents.

This feature will also help you keep track of expenses more easily.  As payments are made, you can see them in real-time in the app feature to more effectively track whether parents are making payments on time.

Consider including security features

Many parents also find app features that include security measures appealing. These include requiring a PINr, username, or password before viewing your app’s content. Parents will feel more comfortable inputting sensitive information about their children if they know that this data is safe and secure.

Contactless pick-up and drop-off

Another neat feature that your app can provide for parents is contactless pick-up and drop-off. You can use different app options for this purpose. Many parents find it convenient to send their kids and retrieve them from the center using the app. It is super beneficial because it also reduces potential frustration points between you and your clients!

Include a feature for parents to track their children’s progress

Another app feature that parents often appreciate is tracking how their children are doing on a daily or weekly basis. Ensure that teachers can input information quickly on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Parents will be able to keep track of their children’s developmental progress with just a few taps!


The best way to ensure that you’re giving your child care center the edge it needs is by taking advantage of all of the latest and greatest technology. An app for your child care facility will help attract prospective parents and make their decision to enroll with you even more accessible.

When developing your app, we recommend planning far in advance for the layout and design.

Rushing into a project like this can result in missing key app features vital for success, including security measures, online payment options, user-friendliness, and ease of communication. So before you dive head-first into creating an app from scratch, contact Local Child Care Marketing today for a free consultation!