How many of your parents are on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Snapchat? If your center does not have an online presence, prospective families may never find out about all the great things you can offer their children. To avoid missing out on potential clients who might otherwise go elsewhere for child care services, it’s vital that you leverage digital marketing tools available at your disposal.


This way, new parents can read about your testimonials from current parents. Use like Google AdWords or PPC campaigns on search engines. Digital marketing is an essential component of any business’s marketing plan. Read on and learn the importance of digital marketing for daycare.


1. SEO Is no longer optional

Search Engine Optimization is the process of improving your ranking on search engines like Google and Bing. SEO will help your center appear higher up on search results pages when people are looking for your service. One way to get more potential clients at the top of those pages is by implementing blogging strategies that highlight your daycare business.


Tell the story of how your center began, or share testimonials from satisfied parents. Once you’ve built up a healthy following on blogging sites like Blogger and WordPress, you can share your blog posts with search engines to get them crawling. Those crawlers will follow the links in your content back to your site.


It will improve your SEO rank based on several factors. These include your number of incoming links and keywords used in both titles and text.


2. Social media can drive traffic

Social media is a great way to show people what makes your center awesome while driving more traffic back to your site. It will ensure that more potential clients can find you. Whether you choose Facebook or Twitter for a more personal touch or Instagram and Pinterest for their visual benefits, you can share pictures of children and other daily activities.


Your social media platforms are also a great place to post testimonials from parents who can speak about why they trust you with their childcare needs.


3. There’s always somewhere new to promote your daycare

If you think about it, there are so many more places than traditional avenues where you can promote your daycare. Consider adding Google AdWords or PPC campaigns on search engines (like Bing and Yahoo!) to your digital marketing for daycare strategy.


Other techniques, like email marketing, enable you to reach out directly to your existing client base. It provides a low-cost way of informing parents about important updates, including special promotions or new hours of operation.


4. Digital Marketing for Daycare Is Inexpensive

Compared to the cost of traditional TV commercials, magazine spreads, newspaper ads, highway billboards, and radio spots all vying for people’s attention, online marketing is highly affordable, especially when done appropriately with a solid social media presence and a blog site dedicated to promoting your daycare business.


Of course, you’ll have nominal ongoing expenses for hosting your blog or website. But even those are relatively inexpensive. Plus, you can connect with customers on the go. As long as they have social media apps on smart devices, you can stay in touch with them throughout the day.


5. Digital marketing is targeted

One of the significant downsides to more traditional marketing strategies is that your budget and results are not targeted to any specific audience. It’s like throwing darts at a dartboard without aiming, just hoping that one of the darts will hit the bullseye. You can market your business to the exact people searching for what you offer with digital marketing.


6. Digital marketing is repurposable

After establishing your blog as a credible source of information, it’s vital that you keep it up-to-date.  Post content relevant to your niche on various platforms. It will build valuable backlinks to your site, significantly adding to the value of your blog in the search engine result pages.


7. Digital marketing is trackable

As you begin to understand the importance of digital marketing for daycare and incorporate it into your overall advertising strategy, remember that each campaign comes with analytics. It enables you to track exactly how many views or clicks on an advertisement led to sales. Enrollments for your daycare business, in this case.


You’ll know which ad was the most successful and which social media posts drove the most traffic back to your site for conversions. This valuable insight is priceless when it comes to gathering information. It keeps you informed of which parts of your overall marketing plan work best. This way, you can allocate more time and funds towards them!


Final Words

Marketing your daycare business online is a powerful way to raise awareness about your brand and attract new clients.  If you haven’t done so already,  today is the day to understand the importance of digital marketing for daycare and start taking advantage of this exciting new medium!


LCCM offers integrated digital and offline marketing solutions specifically designed for a child care business. We exist for only one reason: to help you, the childcare owner. We create and maintain your web presence, and dominate business directory listings and search engines in your market. Our strategies help generate enrollments through paid advertising opportunities and put your center on the map. Contact us today for more information!