A blog is one of the most effective digital marketing strategies available to promote your childcare center. Maintaining a blog offers a plethora of benefits for both your existing and prospective parents. Regularly updating your childcare center’s blog is an effective way for you to boost your brand’s ranking on a search engine results page, which makes it easier for parents to search for your center online.


Additionally, consistently writing highly effective childcare blog posts is also a great way for your business to attract parents to continue to visit your website, as there will always be new information they can look forward to.


Many companies may regularly update their blogs, or their sites may be swarming with content. However, not all blogs are able to attract the attention of their desired audience. Here are some ways to write the most effective childcare blog posts for your center:


1. Choose which topics you want to write about

One of the most common hurdles that most newbie bloggers encounter is choosing which topics to write about. This dilemma can easily discourage many childcare center bloggers from writing on a regular basis. If you are confused or not sure what to write about, begin by thinking about issues and questions that come up regularly at your center.


Common questions from parents may include topics like how to encourage creative play, or how to get their children to stick to their nap schedule. These are ideal topics for your childcare or daycare blog. Current events related to the childcare industry that affect most parents are also good topics to cover in your blog.


Even if these questions seem basic to a childcare provider like you, many parents and other caregivers may find this information invaluable, which will keep them returning to your blog and reading your posts. In order to keep your topics organized, create a list of possible topics, and continue to add more to your list whenever an idea comes to mind. That way, you will have a steady stream of topics from which you can pull when needed. 


2. Be 100% original

Another key factor when it comes to writing an effective blog is ensuring that your content is 100% free of plagiarism. Google will penalize your website for having duplicate content which will drop it down on the search engine’s results page.


It’s important that your blog posts do not include chunks of texts that were copied from other blogs and used as your own. Besides, if parents discover that your blog is full of content taken from other people’s published works, they might hesitate to trust you.

3. Write compelling headlines

Your main goal for maintaining a blog is to attract potential and existing parents to your childcare center. This is where a strong headline comes in. One of the mistakes many bloggers make is writing blog posts without giving enough thought to the headline or the post title.


If you don’t have a headline that’s interesting enough to catch your reader’s eye, the chances of your blog post being read or shared are going to be very slim. Humans tend to be very shallow and most often, readers will judge your post based on the title. Without a distinct and clear headline, your posts may end up causing confusion since bloggers will have no roadmap to follow. This leaves your readers feeling confused, dizzy, and completely lost.


If you want to write a blog post that is concise, clear, and full of conviction, it’s important for you to spend some time creating a quality and compelling headline — one that sets a precise destination, entices readers, and leaves them wanting more as they look forward to your next piece of advice.


Remember that your headline will be your guide, your navigation system, and your map to help you decide which literary options to choose and which to avoid. Your mission is to ensure that your readers reach their intended destination so they can glean useful information as easily and efficiently as possible. 


4. Always include call-to-action

The final rule when it comes to writing an effective blog post is to make sure that you have a “call-to-action” at the end of each blog post. Let parents know what you want them to do after reading your post. You can make it short and simple, such as “Call us!”, or “Book an appointment today!”.


If your post covers a topic like “5 Questions to Ask During a Tour”, an example of a call-to-action for that post would be “Find out more!”, with an actionable button that links your readers to a page where they can book a parent tour.

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