You’re probably wondering, “if child care marketing is such a popular topic nowadays, am I wasting my time starting up a blog?” The answer to that question depends on how you write your blog. If you have no idea what you’re doing and are just throwing darts at the wall hoping they’ll stick, then yes – it’s absolutely pointless. But if you know what makes people tick (in this case child care) and can put together an interesting story about it in your post, then there’s potential for success!


Come up with a creative title that draws your readers in

The title of your blog is ultimately going to be the deciding factor as to whether someone will take the time to read your blog. So make sure it gives the gist of what your blog is about, all while making it an attention grabber! Next, you’re going to want to use the first paragraph to introduce what your blog is about and why it’s important to your reader. From there, dive into each point you want to discuss in detail by using a different headline for each paragraph (kind of like what you’re seeing here on this blog!) Keep it short and sweet – people don’t have time or patience for long rambling posts these days!


Leverage backlinks

Include any relevant links that will help readers find more information about child care marketing if they’re interested (this could be anything from social media handles to previous, relevant articles). Not only will this get more attention on your previous blogs as well as further context for your content, but it will dramatically increase your SEO rankings. SEO is incredibly important to your overall child care marketing strategy, and you can read more about it here.


Use proper spelling and grammar! 

While this one is definitely a no-brainer, you’d be surprised how much this important factor can be neglected by bloggers. Make sure your content is legible and in good taste by double checking for spelling errors, grammar mistakes, or anything else that would make it hard to read. There are a variety of spell checking and grammar checking tools available as well in case your grammar isn’t quite up to speed. Ultimately, good spelling and grammar will reflect professional and well put-together content.


Include child care industry resources 

If you have any child care related tools (like a curriculum), books, articles etc., include them on the blog post as well with links leading back to where readers can find more information about these topics. This way they’re not only reading what you want them to- but are also educated! Linking out from time-to-time will help build trust between company and customer while simultaneously boosting those SEO rankings through increased website traffic.


Ensure your content is digestible 

There’s no better way to deter readers from your blog than long and winded content that looks like it will take hours to get through. Keep your blog posts concise and interesting by using bullet points or numbered lists to help break up the contents. It’s no secret that people’s attention spans tend to decline when they are scrolling through social media or browsing the web, so your window to get readers engaged or interested is rather small. Get straight to the point with your content, and make sure that whatever information you’re conveying will be useful to the reader.


Make your blog interactive! 

If you want people reading about your child care center, then you should make it sound like a conversation – not an instruction manual on how to do something. More and more businesses are benefiting from making their online content interactive, and making this a part of your child care marketing strategy will be huge for getting more engagement. Include questions in your post for readers to answer (if possible), polls that get them engaged, and anything else that will keep their attention longer than just one sitting or looking at words on a screen. You might also consider adding in some bonus content such as child related quizzes or challenges if they’re interested!



There are a variety of ways to make your blog more compelling or engaging, but these are just a few. Childcare marketing strategies will always require some creativity, and by following these simple guidelines, you’ll be well on your way to boosting traffic and building a successful child care business.


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