Using Local PRPersuading parents to select a daycare is very dependent on trust fostered by familiarity.  Parents have to feel like they know your daycare.  As a result, a lot of daycares are turning to local PR to help create an attractive character or persona that parents can connect to.  These tools can include both traditional forms and more digital forms of PR.  When done correctly, there is a definitive increase in daycare enrollment.

Traditional Local PR Tools

Local PR can be a valuable tool when trying to increase your daycare enrollment.  However, it is important for your daycare to understand these tools and exactly how to use them for maximum exposure.  Of course, there are traditional forms including radio, TV, and local publications such as newspapers.  Keep in mind that parents see coverage by these as an endorsement.  A good way to gain exposure here is to find out who covers child care issues and establish a relationship with them.

Digital Local PR Tools

In today’s internet-savvy world, it’s important not to neglect this source of local PR.  These include such things as blogging, Facebook, Twitter, and writing articles for other sites.  In fact, the ability to engage parents in a meaningful dialogue can help establish an attractive character that parents will feel like they know and can trust.  That’s a critical component in converting a lead to a permanent customer.

Hosting Events

One of the best ways to maximize local PR is to host an event that will garner public attention.  These might include fire safety programs, immunization clinics, or seminars on various childcare issues.  This is especially effective if local experts come to speak on these issues.  Also, consider volunteering to speak at events outside the daycare.  Newspapers and other media sources love to cover these types of events and the publicity is free!

Establish Expertise

Parents want to know that the daycare they choose has people who are experts in child care.  As a result, many daycares turn to publishing informative articles in order to foster this side of their attractive character.  These articles can include posts, blogs, features in the local newspaper, or even articles that you submit to article directories.  In fact, your articles can sometimes be syndicated and result in national exposure, which reinforces your image as an expert on childcare.

Press Releases

Writing press releases is another great way for you to utilize local PR. Plenty of free press release templates can be found online making them rather easy to write.  Once finished, submit them to such resources as local event calendars or social media sources like Facebook or Twitter.  Those free events mentioned make great material, but also consider writing a press release any time there’s a special event such as a children’s program or a new curriculum is introduced.
So take advantage of local PR to increase daycare enrollment.  Both traditional and digital sources can be tapped and both are usually free ways to get your day care’s name in the media.  This kind of exposure in multiple areas will boost your daycare’s credibility for parents and make them much more likely to trust your daycare with their precious child.