Daycare centers are an integral part of the child care industry. With so many approaches to child care advertising, daycare centers have more opportunities than ever to attract new parents to their businesses. Effective marketing is important for any child care business because it can help you get your name out there to new customers who may not be familiar with your center.  Here are some unique ways you can promote your childcare center:


Leverage the power of social media

With more and more parents emerging from the Millennial generation, harnessing the power of social media is perhaps the smartest and easiest way to generate interest and awareness of your child care brand. Consider hosting a contest on your Facebook page which your followers can enter by tagging other parents on your posts related to children’s activities, and give a small prize to the person who tags the most people. These types of contests also work very well on Instagram! Utilizing social media is a foolproof way to reach a wider audience and increase your exposure with new parents in your community.


Join a Facebook Group run by parents in your surrounding community

If you aren’t already a member of any local Facebook parent groups, consider joining one. This is an excellent way to introduce new parents to your child care center, by joining a group led by other moms and dads from your community. However, to ensure that your child care center’s image reflects that you have parents’ and families’ best interests in mind, there are a few things to keep in mind. Try to engage with people when possible, but also be mindful that you don’t come off too “sales-y” or give the impression that you are only there to advertise your daycare.


Offer discounts on services to people who refer friends

Offering discounts requires careful planning with regard to how much money you want to allocate when giving out incentives, but they are worth considering. You might offer half-off child care rates, or some sort of freebie that will make parents feel like they’re getting something back in return if they bring someone new to your center. Discounts can incentivize potential customers to share information about your daycare more broadly.  So while there may be some initial costs upfront, over time this could actually save you money in the long run.


Providing discounts is just one of many avenues that can be used to incentivize referrals. You can also partner with local businesses, such as restaurants, in exchange for gift cards, to give out to parents who refer other parents to your center. You can also offer child care discounts to new families who enroll their children at your daycare at the same time as purchasing their home near you. Or you might consider creating a referral program with another local business in which both parties benefit if a customer refers a friend to you.


Sponsor a local event 

A strong child care advertising strategy includes sponsoring a local family-friendly event. This may require allocating more money for advertising than you normally would, but this type of strategy often pays for itself through increased awareness of your center and direct exposure for parents who are looking for childcare. What are some local community events that are occurring near you?  Maybe there’s an upcoming family-friendly movie night at your community’s library, or another  event related to child care. You can use these as opportunities to bring awareness of your child care center to other parents and generate interest about the services you offer, while also meeting new families who may have children with similar interests!


Hang flyers at the offices of your local pediatricians and pediatric dentists

Oftentimes, child care resources and information are readily available at local pediatrician’s offices or pediatric dentists. You can take advantage of this by hanging flyers that promote your child care center in these places as well! This will not only give potential customers a way to learn about you, it may even help with word-of-mouth referrals, as providers often have children of their own or would be happy to refer their patients to you.



There are many child care advertising strategies you can use to promote your daycare to families in your community. Some require more time and investment than others, but they are all full of potential to generate interest about what your center offers! Do some research about which methods would work best for your center, and then start testing them out today. Your goal is to raise awareness of your center with parents who may be looking for child care so that they are more likely to enroll their kids at your center!