The happiness and quality of your staff members are an integral part of your childcare business’ success. If you want to ensure full enrollment at your child care center and plan for future growth, one of the most important things you can do is ensure that your employees remain satisfied and content working at your facility.

As the owner or manager of a child care business, it’s vital that your staff, including directors, teachers, and assistants consistently perform at high levels. This goes beyond providing fair compensation. It’s important to take steps to ensure that the members of your staff are motivated and happy in their profession.

Keeping your childcare staff motivated can be challenging, but this is essential for the success of your business. Here are a few tips that can help you motivate your staff.

Create an environment in which staff members can thrive and feel fulfilled in their work

The nature of the environment you create at your center plays a vital role in your employees’ level of motivation. You need to establish a space in which staff members feel like they truly make a difference. Make them feel like they positively impact the lives of children and parents. Additionally, help them develop and nurture their own professional skills.

One way to do this is by providing plenty of child care training opportunities for staff. You can help the members of your staff learn and grow professionally. Offer them a variety of training that can help further their abilities and enhance their knowledge on their career path. This is especially important for employees who wish to advance in the child care profession.

Training and education are also highly beneficial to your staff. They ensure that your staff members stay current with new techniques and developments in the areas of child development and facility management. Some child care centers offer various classes, like CPR training or First Aid courses, that can be taken on days when the center isn’t open to children such as weekends.

Recognize when staff members make a difference

It’s natural for employees to want to feel like they make a difference, and the members of your child care staff are no different. Many child care centers benefit from highlighting testimonials from parents who share positive experiences they’ve had at their center. These testimonials speak volumes about the quality and influence of child care staff on children’s development and growth.

Empower your child care staff members

When it comes to caring for children, there is a difference between being authoritative and being authoritarian. While it’s essential to be firm and set boundaries with children, your staff members should also be given some degree of freedom to manage their classrooms in a way that fits their style and approach to child care. Be sure to provide guidance, but also be careful not to micromanage employees.

Encourage opportunities for growth

One way to show your child care staff members that they are valued is by providing opportunities for career advancement when possible. Additionally, it’s important that staff members feel like they’re able to learn and expand in their roles and responsibilities while working at your child care center.

Rotate child care staff positions to allow for job enrichment

Encouraging professional curiosity and creativity is another great way to keep your employees motivated and fully engaged in their work. Invite child care staff members to rotate through various positions and provide opportunities to try new things, learn new skills, and develop multiple talents within the company culture. This can also be beneficial from a child care facility management perspective. Rotating staff members can be helpful if you need employees to help fill in for each other when someone is out of the building for one reason or another.

Make sure employees get adequate support from the management team

At a child care center, staff members spend a large majority of their time with children. Be sure to carve out time to regularly check in with your staff members to see how they’re doing and if they feel supported. Keep communication lines open and off support and guidance as needed.

Appreciate and recognize your employees’ efforts

It’s important to recognize the hard work and effort put forth by your staff members because it lets them know that they make a difference. Unexpected gestures or gifts of appreciation can go a long way. These can be something as simple as sending an email or text message with some well-deserved praise or giving childcare staff members extra time off to spend with their families.

Motivated and happy staff members are vital to the success of your child care center business. Follow these tips to help you empower, motivate, and retain your best employees!

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